Four Days ‘Til Freedom

In the form of spring break, that is. But there’s a LOT standing between me and that sweet week of free time.

Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

  • On-call shift Tuesday night
  • 3-mile run on Wednesday
  • Staff meeting Wednesday evening
  • Poli Sci exam Thursday
  • Comm Law exam Friday
  • Flute studio article due Friday
  • Pack up and drive 1.5 hours HOME

It’s quite a lot to get done, but I can’t avoid it so I’m just going to have to get it done.

I was up at 7 this morning but the rest of the world seemed to still be sleeping…it was dark and dreary all morning. I eventually got up and took a shower and luckily didn’t have to do any work for breakfast:

breakfast2Overnight oats!

oatmeal1In the mix: Rolled oats, vanilla soy milk, plain yogurt, vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds, frozen peaches and a fresh kiwi.

oatmeal2Served with coffee with REAL milk…much better than my weekend soy milk coffee.



breakfast1My morning was NOT productive. I was going to get some studying done for poli sci but instead I decided to be distracted and play on the Internet all morning. I swear the dark skies were not helping things.

I had class at 11 and noon and enjoyed a peanut butter banana sandwich during my noon class. I headed out for a run just after 1:30:

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.50.26 PM3 miles, quick and easy…well not exactly easy, but definitely quick! The weather was pretty nice and the sun decided to come out! It was 46 degrees and I warmed up quickly.

After my run I was still hungry from my lack of lunch, so I munched on this apple while I stretched:

appleI took another quick shower, which I know sounds silly but it’s better than having to run in the cold and dark  in the early morning!

Still hungry, I threw together this bowl of cereal. I’m trying to eat through the “last bowls” I have left from about 5 different boxes!

cerealFinished up my Oatmeal Squares! And added a bit of bran flakes for good measure.

Dinner tonight is with Hillary in about an hour!

This week is going to be a bit rough. I’m having trouble motivating myself to get things done! But there are a few good things happening tonight:

  • Plenty of time to study for my poli sci exam (desperately needed!)
  • The Biggest Loser finale is on tonight! Go Danni!
  • Early bedtime so hopefully tomorrow morning won’t be too hard (unlikely).

I’ll keep chipping away at things!


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