Sunday morning rain was falling…

What a dreary day it has been here. But actually I didn’t mind too much: I slept in and had a lazy and relaxing day.

I slept in until 9 (!!!) and lazed around for a bit before getting breakfast at 10 with Allen. We had plans to go to a new place: Dixie Cream Donuts. Allen is definitely a donut person but I’m not so much into them. I like cake donuts only, but luckily this place had plenty of choices.

donuts1Look at these things! They were really yummy. I got three different flavors.

Cinnamon sugar. This may have been my favorite!

cinnamonApple cinnamon, which was also really tasty:

appleAnd I finally got to the cherry. The flavor was good but I think three dense, sweet donuts was a bit much for me. I could barely finish them!

donuts2After breakfast, I got some studying done for my poli sci midterm this Thursday. I had lunch around 1, which was just dinner leftovers from last night:

lunch1Rice and beans again. So tasty!

Plenty of greens:

greensAnd buttery avocado, that actually didn’t turn brown in the fridge! Yay!

avocadoTea to drink on a cold, rainy day.

teaI had a flute sectional for band at 3, which went really well! It’s great when you have a productive meeting and get a lot of work done, because you feel like you’re not wasting your time. I was happy with that AND I got back to my room with time to watch the NCAA Tournament selection show!!!

I LOVE March Madness. There’s something magical about spending an entire day on the couch watching exciting “win-or-go-home” basketball. I am NOT excited for Mizzou’s chances in the tournament. Even if we beat Colorado State, we’ll have to take on top-ranked Louisville in the second round, and they already annihilated us in an earlier tournament. But I will fill out my bracket and hope for the best!

I grabbed dinner with Hillary and watched Once Upon a Time with Allen and now I’m going to make some popcorn (I think) and get a little more studying done. Tomorrow is the last Monday before SPRING BREAK!


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