Wonderful Weather

Today was a SPRING DAY if I’ve ever seen one, and it was glorious. I wore a dress. Whoo hoo!

I’ve had a pretty good Friday, starting with a good breakfast:

breakfast1Peanut butter toast, for the extra protein and flavor:

toastAnd yogurt with fruit! The last of my kiwis…must get more if they are on sale!

fruitToday I drizzled on honey instead of agave. Coffee to drink:



breakfast2I got some good studying done this morning for my religious studies exam at noon. I think it went really well! It was mostly short answer/essay and I think I did well. I took all 50 minutes though, which is odd for me. I was one of the earlier finishers, too! It was a long test.

After my test I was FREEEEE for the weekend. I picked up a tasty sandwich and some coffee to celebrate:

lunchI really like chicken salad, and this one is TASTY. Basil pesto chicken salad sandwich with some salty bacon. Yum!

sandwichIced coffee to drink:

coffee2I should’ve gotten a small because I didn’t finish this. It got watery before I had the chance 😦

I spent my afternoon finishing a chemistry assignment while watching He’s Just Not That Into You. I forgot how bad that movie was. I really hated every story in the movie because they almost all (except for Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck) either ended badly or the woman was treated like dirt only to “come around” and get the guy. I don’t like that kind of depiction of relationships because it is not healthy! Ok, off my soap box now.

At 5:30 Hillary and I headed downtown for dinner! The weather was PERFECT for a walk. We went to Ingredient and it was tasty.

dinner1I had a veggie burger “over greens” with gorgonzola cheese and basil pesto.

I also had sun-dried tomatos and avocado, but they were left off! I had to ask for them and they brought them out on a separate plate:



avocadoServed with fries. I had some but not all because they’re just not that good.

friesAfter dinner we got what I really wanted: Sparky’s Ice Cream! It’s a local place and I’ve never eaten there! It was good and there were too many choices so I just picked one: butterbeer.

ice creamIt tasted like butterscotch and licorice and was tasty! Hillary was a great hand model for me.

Tonight we are watching Mizzou vs. Ole Miss in the SEC Tournament! Hoping for a win, obviously! I may also have another snack…hunger is creeping up again.


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