Getting Through the Week

It’s Wednesday, and Friday seems so close! This week has flown by, and I could not be happier about it. Less than 9 days until spring break!

I slept in a little bit because I am not enjoying these dark mornings AT ALL. 7:30 wake-up was more my style. Breakfast was decided last night: more of my beautiful strawberries and kiwi!

breakfast1Look at these things. They just brighten up any morning:

fruitServed on top of some plain yogurt, per usual.


fruit2Served with toast. I am out of butter now, so no toast with butter until I remedy this!

toastCoffee is back! And it’s great.



breakfast2After breakfast, I got down to business and got some stuff done! I had a good flute practice session (needs to happen more often but never does 😦 ) and got some good chemistry work done! My last exam did not go well (it was during the height of my sickness last week so I didn’t get as much studying done as I wanted and I was exhausted during the exam). Luckily I have all of spring break to study for the next one. I am determined to get on top of that class!

The rest of my day as been pretty routine: class, lunch, Pope election, flute lesson and more chemistry homework. We had a short staff meeting today and then I got dinner with Hillary and Kalen before heading to study for my religious studies exam.

The end of my week is looking pretty good. Here’s what on tap for Thursday and Friday:

  • Poli Sci readings
  • Study for religious studies exam
  • Run 3 miles in beautiful spring weather (!!!)
  • Finish chemistry homework due Friday
  • Religious Studies exam on Friday

After that, I’m gearing up for two exams at the end of next week and a 7-mile run on Saturday that I am extremely excited about. The world is spinning quickly right now but I’m really keeping up!


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