Spring Rains

If spring is coming, it’s reminding us what it’s all about: RAIN. Today it has rained all day, with no breaks.

I was up around 8 a.m. even though there was a time change. Since I was up, I figured I needed to embrace the time change and try to acclimate myself.

A smoothie was made first-thing:

smoothie2The same green smoothie I had for lunch, but this time for breakfast. It was tasty all over again.


smoothie1After breakfast I spent the morning on the couch, lounging around and hoping for a break in the rain so I could get in my 6-mile run. Unfortunately there never was such a break, and I had to give up on my run.

Here were some of the sad shots outside. Not as beautiful and sunny as yesterday!



grillIt rained nonstop all day. I guess it’s good for the ground but it’s not good for my running!

For lunch I made a “breakfast” quesadilla!

lunch1I sauteed some spinach with garlic and olive oil and then scrambled two eggs into that along with some spices. Once the eggs were cooked, I put them onto a tortilla with some cheese on it, and then topped the eggs with more cheese and another tortilla. Back into the pan to get crispy!

quesadillaSome tangerine on the side:

tangerineAnd just plain old water, but in a jar because it’s better that way.


lunch2After lunch and a little more lounging, I packed up and said goodbye to the family. Not for too long though, because I’ll be back for spring break in less than two weeks! I picked Allen up (he was returning his dad’s car that he borrowed during his car search) and we headed back to Columbia.

The drive back was rainy for a while but eventually we hit some sun, which was nice. We went to the grocery store to pick up some things for the week and then headed to dinner at a new-to-me place!

Ingredient has been in Columbia for a while (at least as long as I’ve been here) but I’ve never actually tried it. They do salads and burgers mostly and the vibe reminded me of Noodles and Company.

I did a “create-your-own” burger which was really fun! They have so many toppings to choose from.

I had a veggie burger:

burger3Topped with lots of melty swiss cheese and carmelized onions (under the cheese here).

burger1And also some avocado (of COURSE) and an apricot mustard. This was a little disappointing as it was less sweet than I had hoped.

burger2To drink I had some mango iced tea that was quite tasty!

After dinner Allen and I headed to his apartment to catch this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time! It was another good one. They weave the story together so nicely. I just love it.

I’m going to try to get to bed early so I’m ready to tackle this week head-on. Still a little residual sickness going on, so trying to get rid of THAT!



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