Very Quickly

Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going. No photos today because I have nothing noteworthy to share with you eating-wise. I think I’ll make this quick and give you some lists:

The Good:

  • My energy levels are way up today after a good night’s sleep. I made it to my 2 p.m. class and sat through it just fine. I’m no where near normal but I’m getting there.
  • My appetite is creeping back. I even had a bit of hunger in there at one point.
  • My busy week is almost done! Just a short paper due tomorrow and it’s all over.
  • I’m heading home this weekend and nourishing meals await me.

The Not-So-Good:

  • My chemistry exam did not go well 😦
  • My throat starting hurting tonight much worse than it has before.

The Upside of the Not-So-Good:

  • Our final exam in chemistry can replace our lowest exam score. 

I’m going to put things together for tomorrow and then get myself in bed. Hoping for another good night’s sleep and a quick morning to get me to tomorrow. See you tomorrow with a more interesting post!


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