Still Sick

I’m still feeling under the weather today. Right now I’m doing better than I was earlier today…after a trip to the Student Health Center confirmed I didn’t have strep throat (which is great) my fever spiked and I spent two hours in my bed watching Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz in a trance. It was quite the experience.

The doctor thinks it’s a viral infection, so I hope my body is doing a great job fighting it since I’ve had a fever for three days.

My sickness has kept my appetite small, so I don’t have much to share with you in the way of food. Here are some photos I took today when I felt up to it:

breakfast1Breakfast was yogurt (which helped my sore throat) and toast.



toastSome Lemon Zinger to drink:



A pear as a mid-afternoon snack for some nutrients:

pearWhite rice always hits the spot when I’m sick:

jarI’ve been sipping on this Gatorade all afternoon. I think it’s helping some.

I also had a popsicle this afternoon that really soothed my sore throat. I think I’m going to have another one right about now…


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