Caught Up to Me

My busy week (and weekend) are catching up to me…and it seems I’ve caught the sickness that Allen got over the weekend.

Last night I went sleep with a fever and did not sleep well. I was hot, then cold, then hot. My fever subsided and came back a few times. And I woke up this morning with a terrible cough and sore throat. What’s to blame? Not really sure. I think it might be allergies but the fever tells me otherwise. Hoping it goes away by tomorrow!

Sickness-1, Elise-0. That’s the current score as I do my best to tackle this ridiculous week. Here’s what’s on the to-do list:

  1. Tuesday’s Poli Sci Quiz
  2. Comm Law Take-home Exam due Wednesday
  3. Chemistry exam Thursday
  4. Thursday’s Poli Sci Quiz
  5. March bulletin boards due Friday
  6. Religious Studies respons due Friday

I’m checking things off! And prepared to battle through to the end. My current sickness-fighting regime includes lots of medicine, liquids, cough drops/hard candy to keep my cough at bay and REST.

I am not running for the rest of the week because I really want to run my long run on Saturday. I’m taking Mark Remy’s advice and taking 4 days off! I think this is especially important because this is in my chest.

So what do I eat when I am sick? Not much. I drink lots of tea:

teaI’ve had 3 cups of Earl Grey Green plus two cups of rooibos vanilla.

Lots of toast:

toastI also had some peanut butter toast this afternoon.

And of course, soup:

soup1They unfortunately were not serving chicken soup at the dining halls today so I had to make do with this.

soup3It’s pretty tasty for a canned soup. I mostly just want the broth anyways.

soup2I’m surviving over here and determined to make it through this week! Tonight I have a band concert (which I am probably at while you are reading this because I wrote it earlier) and afterward I plan to crash onto my bed.


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