Ready for the Challenge

This week is going to be tough: I’ve got a band concert tomorrow night, a take-home exam due for Comm Law on Wednesday, a chemistry test on Thursday and a paper due Friday. My time-management has got to be spot-on this week or I’m going to be in trouble!

The weekend set me up for a great week, and I’m keeping the theme going by being productive starting at 7 a.m. this morning! I got up first thing and threw two loads of laundry in. When it was in the dryer, I headed out to check on Rammy the Cat and then came back for breakfast:

breakfast2Toast with peanut butter and banana! Quick and easy.

toastAnd coffee of course.


breakfast1While this breakfast was good at the time, it definitely did NOT stick with me. I need to either eat a bigger breakfast on MWF or pack a snack every day because by 12:30 I was starving! I don’t usually get to eat until 1:30 because it takes a while to get my lunch and get back to my room to eat.

Today I picked up lunch from a little on-campus “café.”

lunch2An egg and cheese sandwich on the most delicious pretzel bun!

sandwichAnd a cesar side salad. Sometimes I need that creamy dressing!

saladSparkling water to drink:



lunch1This lunch was consumed in record time because I was so hungry from my light breakfast. I waited until 3 p.m. to go for my run, but I’m not sure if I waited long enough because I got a bad side stitch.

My run today was not good. In addition to my side stitch, I was having a lot of sinus troubles. I think my allergies are kicking in with the weather change and slightly higher pollen count. I was supposed to do 4 miles but cut it short because I was feeling really bad.

After a nice hot shower, I felt really drained and a little nauseas, so I took a short nap. Then I called Allen and proposed Bread Co. (Panera Bread for you non-St. Louisans) for dinner.

dinnerIt was worth it. Warm soup and sandwich really hit the spot.

soupFrench onion soup

And a mozzarella and tomato panini:

paniniIt was delicious! In addition to some fresh tomato, they also add some sun dried tomatos that really pack in that flavor.

Iced green tea to drink:

teaRight now I’m getting ready to chip away at the homework I need to do. I’m feeling tired but I need to push through! I’m also having some insatiable thirst. Hope that goes away soon.


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