Sleepy Saturday

That’s how I’m feeling right about now: sleepy. I’m on-call tonight (not primary thankfully, so I don’t have to hold the phone) and I am already falling asleep. Going to push through to that 1 a.m. round!

I slept until 8 this morning and got up and made breakfast first thing! I knew I needed to run at 10 so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to digest.

breakfast1Oatmeal! This bowl was probably between 300-400 calories, which made it perfect as a pre-run breakfast. As I’m getting into these longer weekend runs, I’m trying to pay attention to my pre- and post-run nutrition so see what works and what doesn’t!

oatsI made this in the rice cooker with rolled oats, vanilla soy milk, chia seeds, half of a starchy banana and a ripe pear. It was pretty good, but if the banana had been ripe (or perhaps omitted)I think it would’ve been even better.

Coffee on the side:


breakfast25 miles was on the agenda for today, so I laced up and got outside! It was cold but I warmed up after about 1.5 miles. I was running pretty fast, but I felt good! I stopped once at the Student Center for a little H2O but other than that I pushed through.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 8.38.12 PMLoving those negative splits on those last two miles! Whoo!

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can see what all of this winter work has done to my speed. I’m really optimistic about running FAST this spring.

As for recovery, I decided to try this new recipe from Oh She Glows: Chia Fresca!

chiasBasically it’s a drink with chia seeds, water, a little citrus juice (I used lime) and some sweetener (agave). I was optimistic about this but the flavor was just NOT there for me. Chia seeds have a flavor but it’s usually masked by oatmeal or in a smoothie. This was ALL CHIA despite the extra lime juice I added. I will not be finishing it but I’m not sure how to get rid of it because chia seeds clog the sinks in the bathroom. Ah, life in a community-style residence hall.

After my run I got ready for lunch with a friend! My friend Sydney went to Mizzou last year but transferred to a smaller school in Minnesota, so I haven’t seen her in a long time. She’s in town for the very popular True/False film festival, so we hit up my favorite bagel place for lunch:

eggEgg and cheese ‘which on an everything bagel!

And for a little sweetness: chocolate chip with strawberry cream cheese


bagelsAllen and I went to the Mizzou vs. LSU basketball game after my lunch with Sydney. I was happy to get to a game finally this season (I’ve only been to one so far!) but we didn’t end up staying for the second half because Allen was feeling sick. He’s got a fever right now. Hoping he gets better tonight/tomorrow!

I spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with him before I had to come back for my on-call shift. I’m going to get some homework done tonight hopefully.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention yesterday: It’s MARCH!



March is a big month: spring comes, March Madness is here, and MY BIRTHDAY!

birthdateThe above photo was not photo shopped in any way…all calendars come with my birthday pre-marked, obviously.

Happy March!


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