Friday Surprises

Happy Friday! It’s been a good one for me so far, starting with last night when I found out Allen is staying in Columbia for the weekend! He originally had planned to go home to visit his grandparents who would be in town and I was kind of bummed because the weekend was shaping up to be pretty boring. But it turns out they didn’t come in, so Allen is staying! Yay!

I was up at 7 with quite a bit of energy, which is good after a hard week of early mornings. I made some breakfast after a nice HOT shower:

breakfast2_edited-1I finally made it through bunch of bananas without them getting overly-ripe. This one was probably one day from being dead.

Served on peanut butter toast

toastWith coffee:



breakfast1After my breakfast, I did a little bit of chemistry homework. I really need to finish this homework tomorrow, but the problems at the end of the assignment are getting really tricky.

I headed to my 11 a.m. class with a snack in hand:

larabarI didn’t love this flavor. At first I thought it was really good, but then as I kept eating it, I realized that the spices were a little overwhelming.

I picked up lunch from the Southeast Asian campus dining hall, “Sabai.” I’ve eaten there a few times and it’s pretty good.

lunchBrown rice and tofu bowl with veggies and sriracha!

And some stir-fried green beans on the side. These were pretty oily and I couldn’t finish them.

green beansI waited about an hour after lunch (probably not long enough!) and then headed out to visit Rammy the cat (I am cat sitting again this week) and go for a run!

My flute professor lives in a less-trafficked area of town and some of the roads have a bike lane that’s been cleaned off from the snow, so I thought it’d be a good place to get in a run. The trails are covered in tons of snow and there’s no sign of it melting anytime soon.

I ran just over 4 miles at  9:26 pace, although it felt slower because my muscles never really got warmed up. It was cold and snowy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 7.10.03 PMAfter my run I took another not-so-warm shower and then Allen came up for dinner. He also told me some more exciting news: he’s off work for the week of spring break, which is also my birthday! Hooray!

We ate a pretty standard meal in a dining hall and then he took me to the grocery store in his NEW CAR!

I don’t have any photos yet because I haven’t seen it in daylight, but Allen finally got a new-to-him car. His car finally died on him a few weeks ago, and he’d been driving his parents’ van while he looked for a car. He found one last night that was a really great deal! It’s a 2008 Toyota Prius and it’s pretty snazzy. I’ll take a photo of him with his new car tomorrow.

Tonight we are hanging out and watching Dateline! We have ingredients for smoothies so we may make some if I get hungry. Just a lazy Friday night.


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