Snow Day Eve

That’s right, folks: we’ve got another snow day tomorrow! I am excited to have a mostly relaxing day except for a little bit of snow shoveling. I’ve got a warm cozy breakfast planned and it’s going to be a great day!

This morning was hard because last night was a late night. Usually Sunday night on-calls are easy but last night I was not so lucky. I got up around 8 but I was groggy. I made overnight oats so that made breakfast quick and easy!

breakfast1In a jar I mixed yogurt, soy milk, rolled oats, vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds and frozen berries.

oatsIt hit the spot!

Coffee x2 this morning. I had a second cup later in the morning. I don’t know if it helped keep me awake but I made it through the day.



breakfast2I spent my morning classes waiting for school to be cancelled tomorrow! I knew it was going to happen because Columbia Transit cancelled bus service for tomorrow around 11:30. Can’t have class if people can’t get to school!

I had a good flute lesson after lunch and then spent the afternoon resting. I took today off from running because I figured I could do my workout on Tuesday at the Rec instead. Classes were officially cancelled sometime in the afternoon, so my relaxing evening could begin!

I had dinner with Allen around 5:30 and the dining hall was pretty busy for a Monday night! I wasn’t that hungry during dinner but I came back to my room and took a shower and then suddenly became ravenous!

Threw together a tasting plate:

snackCinnamon graham crackers!

grahamDried cherries–the tart kind. Allen picked them up at the store for me because I am going to make cherry almond oatmeal tomorrow morning!

cherriesAnd some malted milk balls for my chocolate fix.

whoppersGreen tea to drink:

toastI’m enjoying my evening off with The Biggest Loser! We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I have a 9:30 a.m. interview for a summer job that hasn’t been cancelled. Luckily the interview is on campus but it is going to be a snowy, windy walk!




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