A Free Day

Two days off in a row in college is something I NEVER expected. But after yesterday’s snow storm, I feel like it was definitely needed! The campus is a mess. I would not have enjoyed trekking to classes today.

After discovering we had another day off, I stayed up a little later than normal. But I was up not a minute after 8:30 this morning. I guess old habits die hard.

My morning was pretty relaxing. I made a light breakfast after discovering the Rec was open because I wanted to get in my run!

breakfast2Peanut butter toast fuel:

toastAnd an apple that was really not good!

apples2Have you ever eaten an apple that is spicy? This one was. It tasted really chemically and not good at all. I was really disappointed. I only ate a few pieces.

Coffee to drink:



breakfast1I headed to the Rec after breakfast in case it got busy with students stuck without anything to do. Luckily it was not busy at all! I needed to run 3.5 miles, but I found out last time I ran on the treadmill that they’re set up to kick you off after 30 minutes!

I was not going to run that fast today after my Wednesday workout, so I cheated and ran a mile, turned the machine off, and turned it back on for 2.5 more miles. All while enjoying Kathie Lee and Hoda.

After my workout I took a very unpleasantly cold shower (one thing I will NEVER miss about residence halls) and went to get lunch with Hillary. We ate at the on-campus Subway and spent a long time chatting with each other and other friends who came by. It was a good afternoon!

I took a short nap after our leisurely lunch and then geared up to dig my car out of the snow! One of my coworkers Zeke happened to be parked next to me, so we dug out our cars together. (Which actually means he helped me dig my car out after he finished his because he is stronger and from Michigan.)

My destination was to see Allen! I made it to his complex but the roads were messy. It’s like this city has never seen snow before! I don’t remember anything like this ever in my life in St. Louis. We hit up the grocery store for some groceries and dinner.

dinner1Pizza and salad night!

pizzaI had three pieces of pepperoni.

Plus a nice big salad of mixed greens, kidney beans, Craisins, sunflower seeds, artichoke hearts and green onions. It was a tasty mix!

saladI also had some Silk Very Vanilla soymilk. This flavor tastes like a vanilla milkshake and I like to get it as a treat sometimes!



dinner2I was famished from my run and snow-shoveling workouts, so dinner really hit the spot. But we had a little treat in store!

allen1Cookies! Allen was in charge of opening the tube. He wasn’t sure what to do.

Scissors to the rescue!

allen2I squished the slices into rounds.

meDelicious chocolate chip cookies! Can’t beat slice and bake.



cookies2This plate was shared between Allen and I.

Tonight we are watching House Hunters! Not sure what tomorrow will bring…perhaps a run, but it’s hard to say. There is too much snow!


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