Snowed In

It has been a whirlwind of a day here in Columbia! So many emotions for me today: angry, impatient, happy, annoyed, frustrated. I’ve felt it all.

I was up at 7 a.m. for no other reason than to wait for the impending snow storm. I really, truly expected all of my classes to be cancelled early, but I was not so lucky. I decided to opt out of my 8 a.m. chemistry class because I looked at the notes and I felt comfortable with the material.

My next class wasn’t until 12:15 but I was pretty sure it was going to happen: my professor sent us an email last night saying class was only going to be cancelled if the university cancelled classes, which is RARE. But I couldn’t help holding out hope, so I hunkered down with a warm breakfast and my laptop, checking updates and emails non-stop all morning. 

breakfast1Breakfast was a nice bowl of hot oats with all kinds of toppings!

oatsI decided not to cook my banana into my oats, so I topped a mixture of 1/3 cup of quick-cooking oats, 2/3 cup vanilla soymilk, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon with a sliced banana, peanut butter, Biscoff spread and a crushed graham cracker. It was the perfect mixture!

Served with some nice warm hazelnut coffee.

coffeeIt was the perfect way to wait out the morning. While I ate, the storm really picked up. The snow was falling so fast and the wind was harsh. There weren’t many people braving the cold outside my window, and I normally see many commuters coming from a nearby lot.

walker1Can you spot the sad commuter?

Around 9, my 2 p.m. poli sci class was cancelled! I was really excited because I missed class on Tuesday so now I will have a chance to catch up on the readings before our weekly quiz. But my band director was still holding out, and I was getting really mad!

I was hearing from off-campus students that the roads were terrible. Although that didn’t affect me, I couldn’t help but think my professor would have some common sense and let us stay home. All the while THIS was building outside my window:



snowAround 11 a.m., I got a call from the front desk asking me to shovel snow! It’s part of our jobs as student staff to assist the maintenance staff during winter weather. At first I was conflicted: snow shoveling vs. walking 15 minutes in the freezing cold to go to class. But about 10 minutes later, my class was cancelled, and I was happily lacing up my boots to do some shoveling!

I met two other staff members to do the first round of shoveling of the day. It was a workout! Shoveling snow is hard and I was feeling it. But in a way it was great because I had planned on doing some strength today as my cross-training, so I crossed that off my to-do list.

After shoveling, I threw some lunch together:

lunchPeanut butter and banana sandwich:

sandwichBaked sour cream and onion chips

chipsAnd some yogurt with extra banana slices and strawberry jam:

yogurtIt was a good lunch!

Classes were officially cancelled at 1 p.m., which didn’t make a difference to me. But it DID strand a lot of commuters on campus because their cars were snowed in and the roads were TERRIBLE. 10-minute drives were becoming two-hour journeys. Buses stopped running so people didn’t have a way to get home. Some have to stay overnight at the Student Center because they can’t get home! I really think the university dropped the ball here, using precedence as an excuse. A lot of students had exams scheduled today and were forced to come to class. I’m lucky that I live on campus and don’t have to drive to class!

After lunch, I got some laundry done and hung out with Hillary and Kalen for a while. We were scheduled to shovel again at 5, but lucked out because the snow stopped! So instead we headed to dinner.

I finished my chemistry homework that is due tomorrow (yay!!!) and got in a really great yoga session from Yoga Download: Gentle Hatha Yoga 3. I did 30 minutes and the practice was perfect for what my body was feeling! Lunges to work my hamstrings and hip flexors and long pigeons to stretch out my piriformis muscles. Every pose was held the perfect amount of time for what I was able to do today.

I’m going to go to bed at a normal time because I’m expecting classes to be on tomorrow. But I will definitely be checking my email when I wake up tomorrow morning…just in case 🙂


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