Wonderful Wednesday

For everyone wondering: no fever today, and I’m feeling MUCH better. And I’ve had a pretty great day!

I was up around my normal time at 7. I took my temperature and had no fever, so I decided to get going. I was very proud of my breakfast this morning:

breakfastI really wanted yogurt but I didn’t want just boring old banana so I mixed things up with an apple today!

applesI microwaved the apple with some butter, agave and pumpkin pie spice for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, stirring once after one minute. I let them cool while I assembled the rest of my breakfast:

toastPeanut butter toast


coffeeI topped my yogurt with my warm (not hot) apples and a crushed cinnamon graham cracker.

yogurtIt was a big breakfast but kept me going until 1 p.m. when I could eat lunch.

I had two classes today at 11 and noon and they went well. I picked up lunch from the dining hall:

lunch2Pasta with meat sauce:

pastaYUMMY pineapple

pinneappleAnd nasty brussels sprouts! This is why people hate them! Usually they roast them but today they were boiled and flavorless.

brusselsI did NOT eat these, so instead I had some sugar snap peas for some green.


Dipped in hummus:

hummusI can’t wait for this summer when I can prepare my own veggies and make them taste good. The dining halls do not do a good job and make it really hard for me to get my daily intake.

I also had some garlic toasts:


lunch1After lunch, I headed out into the cold for a run! Since I took Monday and Tuesday off, I was really ready to get back out there. I had planned to run my Monday workout, a 4-mile run.

Turns out I was really ready to go! I ran my first mile at 8:38, which was a lot faster than I expected. I felt great, so I decided to go for negative splits just for fun. I ran 3 miles at negative splits and took it easy for the last mile.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.01.58 PM



I can’t believe I ran such a great workout so soon after my terrible cold-weather race on Saturday! I really think running in the cold just shocked me. Next time I race, I am going to be prepared to run my best.

After my workout, I promised myself I would do planks because I had an extra TWO HOURS this evening because staff meeting was cancelled! It was so nice to not have to rush after my run. I got to take a nice long (and hot!) shower and watch Smash from last night. I also had a cereal snack:


Allen and I had dinner in the dining hall but it was not good. They had a special “Ozark” themed menu and it was not prepared well. I was really disappointed I wasted a meal!

Another exciting thing about this Wednesday: One of my chemistry assignments that was supposed to be due tomorrow was pushed back almost two weeks! I’ll have plenty of time to get them both done.

Tonight I am hanging out with Allen and watching Criminal Minds and Nashville. I may have to get myself a snack while I’m here…dinner was NOT nutritious or filling.


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