That Real Tired Feelin’

Man I am fading fast right now. My late night last night paired with my workout today has made for a really sleepy me.

Last night actually went really well for a Saturday night on-call. No major issues! Unfortunately my partner Suzy has to hold the on-call phone and got some lockout calls late at night. I felt really bad!

I slept in until about 9:30, which gave me a little under 8 hours of sleep. My body was awake, though, so I got up even though I wished I could’ve slept more.

I woke up feeling really thirsty, so I went to fill up a glass from the drinking fountain and one of my residents was sitting outside her door locked out! I had to let her into her room in my pajamas, which meant going down to the first floor in my slippers to get the key. Embarrassing!

THEN after I finally got my water, I decided I wanted some lemon, so I cut one up I bought a while ago (it was still good!) and squeezed some into my glass. Well it turns out I forgot I had done that and tried to put my contacts in with LEMON FINGERS! Holy cow, my eyes were BURNING. It was almost as bad as the times I’ve chopped a jalapeno for dinner and forgotten to wash my hands really really well before bed. (Hint: wear food-safe gloves!)

After my embarrassing and painful morning, it was time for breakfast. I kept it light because I had lunch plans with Hillary at 12:30:

breakfast1Bran flakes and cinnamon “Life!”

cerealWith vanilla soy milk not pictured. (I never pour my milk onto my cereal when I photograph it because I HATE soggy cereal.)

Banana that’s already ripe! I bought 5 bananas yesterday and they got ripe much too quickly.

bananaCoffee coffee



breakfast2I did some chemistry homework before lunch, and then had lunch with Hillary. I did a little more work afterward and then it was time to RUN. I had an apple for a snack before I headed out:


The weather was gorgeous:
Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 8.20.01 PMAnd I somehow convinced Allen to come with me. My workout was supposed to be a 35-40 minute run, but I changed it up a bit:

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 8.19.42 PMI ran 10 minutes with Allen (not quite a mile), then a FAST 20 minutes that felt AMAZING. What a difference the temperature makes. I could NOT have run like this on Saturday. Then Allen and I ran another 5 minutes together as a cool-down. It was the perfect workout!

After my run, I took a super-fast shower and met Allen for dinner at 6. We had a really nice time just chatting for almost an hour! Then we went back to my room and watched Once Upon a Time. It was SO good this week, but Allen had to leave early for an 8 p.m. meeting so he missed the ending.

Right now, that really hard workout feeling is setting in. If I can keep my eyelids open, I’m going to get some homework done, but I’m not really sure that’s going to happen. I had planned to run tomorrow morning, but now I’m thinking I might take an extra day off in favor of SLEEP and REST. I’ve had a hard few days!


3 thoughts on “That Real Tired Feelin’

    • Oh yes I know! Normally I run Sat-Mon and take Tuesdays off because of my schedule. I also take Fridays off and cross-train on Thursdays. But now I’m thinking taking tomorrow and Tuesday off may be better for me!

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