My Running Valentine

Happy day after Valentine’s Day! (or I guess as some people call it, “cheap chocolate day.”)

I spent my Valentine’s Day with my valentine, and I made him take lots of pictures because it was Valentine’s Day. Yay!

I wore three different outfits yesterday, mostly for convenience and to maximize my festive spirit. I had an 8 a.m. chemistry exam, which went pretty well, but I didn’t want to get all dressed up just to take a test! Allen came to my room before lunch so I could give him his present!

chocolateChocolate! With a little note inside. And since I know you’re concerned, don’t worry, I bought two bars so we don’t have to share.

allenandelise1My first outfit! Pink shirt and a rosy scarf.

We went to lunch and I had band and poli sci and then we did part one of my present: a run! That’s right folks, Allen and I went on a run together. It was great!

postrunPost-run, I was all smiles. We ran two miles.

allen1Look at that boy who ran his first two miles 🙂

me1I was looking good too.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love running!

me2After our run, I headed back to my room to get all dolled up for dinner! We went to an Italian place called Babbo’s Spaghetteria. It was pretty tasty!

I ordered some bruschetta as an appetizer. Man tomatoes on toast taste SO GOOD.


bruschetta2For my main course, I had the “funghi” pasta, which had lots of meaty mushrooms, spinach and garlic.

pasta1Topped with plenty of shaved parm. Yum!

parmThe restaurant didn’t serve dessert, which was my one disappointment. But we hit up the grocery store and got some strawberries and chocolate to melt for dipping. That pretty much hit the spot.

I wore my new red dress to dinner:

allenandelise2This photo was post-dinner, but we still looked good.

allen2My handsome valentine.

meToday I really have nothing going on, which is kind of wonderful. I have a short response paper (2-3 pages) due for religious studies, so there’s no class! I’m going to work on that and then just relax the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the big race day and I’m getting excited!


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