Speed Workin’

Wednesdays are my hardest workout of the week. After today, I’ve learned there are pros and cons to this.

I was up early, 6:45, because I wasn’t going to have time to run this afternoon. I had a mile time trial staring me in the face, but I just sucked it up and got out there.

It was COLD. I ran an easy mile and some striders, but it didn’t help. My legs were cold. I ran my mile as hard as possible and get a 7:38 min./mile. I’m not too upset with this for a few reasons:

  • When we would do mile time trials at the beginning of the cross-country season, I always underperformed in the time trial. My projected race finish was usually slower than what I ran in my first race. I just think the mile is a little too short for me to do my best work. I do better with longer distances. Also, it is a lot harder to run your hardest during a time trial than it is to race hard against other people. 
  • It was COLD. I’d like to do another mile time trial in April after my 10K and see how it compares. Heck, maybe I’ll do another one in March if I can forget how hard this one was today.

After my mile, my throat hurt SO MUCH. I had a lot of congestion in my chest and just couldn’t get rid of it. I walked for 5 minutes and ran the rest of my workout, but it was rough. The “runner’s cough” had set in. I took some medicine when I got back to my room and I think it helped. I’m feeling fine now!

I stretched and showered in very cold water (darn it, residence halls!) and had breakfast! I’m planning to eat this on Saturday morning:

breakfast2Peanut butter toast with honey always hits the spot:

toastAnd a banana on the side:

bananaI am currently addicted to Green Mountain French Vanilla k-cups! They are so marshmallow-y.



breakfast1After breakfast, I got ready and managed to get to class with time to spare. And I remembered my tea, which I really liked to have in class.

My afternoon was pretty standard. Class, lunch grabbed from the dining hall:

lunch1Pasta! Meat sauce, cheese and a bit of red pepper flake:

pastaSome peas snuck into the pasta, but it was ok.

peasFun fact: when I was little and my parents were tired of me, they would make me “Snack Dinner,” which was canned peas and saltines with melted (or not) American cheese. I got to eat it in front of the TV on a TV tray. It was heaven.

Garlic bread! So yummy.

garlic toast


lunch2I had an afternoon flute lesson and then staff meeting and a super fun fire drill! Now I’m about to hunker down and do some last-minute chemistry studying. I have an exam tomorrow at 8 a.m.! But once it’s over, I’m all about the lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day 🙂

OH I have some exciting news! I got placed in my residence hall for next year, and I’m in my first choice! I’ll be teaching an “honors journalism” Freshman Interest Group and living in a newly-renovated hall. I couldn’t be more excited!


4 thoughts on “Speed Workin’

  1. Congratulations to the residence hall position! That will be awesome. Yay for newly-renovated things! Sometime you’ll have to come up and see our very not newly renovated house. Actually I will probably be down at Mizzou next weekend for a Sigma Alpha thing and the Luke Bryan concert! Maybe I can see you at some point.

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