What I’m Training For: February-March 2013

Before I get into the meat of this post, a little background: When I started this blog in November, I wanted it to be a healthy living blog focusing on food and running. I used the “food diary” format as a way to keep myself accountable to blog everyday!

While I’m really happy with my blogging progress, I think those posts might get a little boring, especially when I eat the same things for breakfast most days and that’s all you get to see. So on days when there isn’t much to visually show you through photographs, I’m going to try to do a “lifestyle” post outside of my food diary. Sometimes this may be a life update from me. Other times it may be a post about an issue which I am particularly interested in. Mostly it will just be something different than my usual blog stuff! I hope you like this new style added in a few times per week. 

I’m starting a new series called “What I’m Training For.” I’ll be posting every few months as I make new running goals for myself and start training for new races! Here’s what I’ve got on the horizon for February and March:

February: This Saturday, Allen and I are going to be running the Sweetheart 5K in Columbia! Part of my Valentine’s gift from Allen is that he agreed to run his first 5K, and my gift back to him was paying for the race registration.



I am really excited for this race for a few reasons:

  • I expect this race to be small, which means I might win an award! I will definitely get a medal because everyone gets a medal which is the best way to race. Allen and I are competing as a team, but they give the top ten teams awards, so it’s possible for us to win one! Also, I’m not entirely sure if I am also entered into the age group awards, but I may be eligible to win an award in the 15-19 year-old group. Nothing like bling to get you motivated to compete!
  • It’s Allen’s first 5K! I’m so excited for him. Although we are signed up as a “team,” we decided not to run together. I don’t want to stress him out by trying to pace him because I want him to run his own race. I can’t wait to see how he does.
  • I’m feeling really good on my runs lately, so I’m going to run a HARD race and see what happens. I have a time goal of 23:59, because breaking 24 minutes was always my goal in high school. Even if I don’t achieve it, that will be my 5K goal forever until I reach it.



March: I am actually training for my first 10K right now, which is why the Sweetheart 5K fits perfectly in my training! I’ve never raced longer than 5 miles, and I’m thinking the 10K may be my new favorite distance. Although I love a good 5K, you have to really push yourself the entire time. I like the flexibility a 10K offers. We’ll see how the race goes!

My 10K is on March 23, which is actually the first Saturday of spring break, so it works perfectly!

For my training, I’m using the advanced beginner training plan from About.com. I used the same site for my 5K training this fall, and I really liked it. It’s very flexible, which is important because my schedule is different every day. Here’s what the plan looks like originally:

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.01.36 PMI changed mine around a bit to make it work for my schedule:

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 7.05.41 PMI have an early class and afternoon meetings on Tuesdays that make running really difficult, so I rest on Tuesdays. And I switched my Wednesdays and Thursdays because I didn’t want to rest and then cross-train two days in a row, and also because I swim for my cross-training, which works well on Thursdays when I get out of class at 3:15 and the daylight window is dwindling.

Also, when I do my Wednesday runs, I’ll be doing different speedwork than just “race pace” like tempo runs, fartleks and time trials (like tomorrow!) to mix things up.

I’m really excited about this race. My goal time is sub-50 minute, but I’m honestly not so sure how feasible that is because I don’t know the course and I’ve never run a 10K before! I’m going to run my training runs based on McMillan Running’s pace calculator. I entered my time for my 5-mile race and my goal time for my 10K and it gives me training paces for all of my different workouts. It’s really neat!

Anyways, that’s what’s on tap for me for the next two months! We’ll see how it goes, and then I’ll set my sights on something new.



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