Back to Work

This week is going to be tough. I’ve got a lot of studying to do and I want to get it all done! In addition to that, I’ve also got my normal meetings and my running. I need to be careful not to waste too much time this week.

I tried to have a good start to the week by running first thing this morning. I was up at 6:45 and was up and out by 7:20. I had some water to drink and a banana since I woke up hungry.

My Monday morning run was 3.5 miles out and back on the trail. It was a bit colder than I would have preferred, but I managed to hit negative splits, which was a nice way to start a week.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 8.35.00 PMI thought I’d show you what I see when I upload my Garmin info to the Connect website! I love that it calculates splits because I am obsessed with running stats. Negative splits make for a good workout, especially as I prepare for a 5K race this weekend! More on that later this week.

After my run, I stretched, showered and had some more breakfast.

breakfast1Peanut butter toast with honey called to me after my run.

toastI actually had one more slice because I was still hungry! I think my training is starting to ramp up my appetite again.

French vanilla coffee to drink…or was it?

coffeeI was only able to drink half of this because I knocked it over! I spilled all over my placemat and the floor. I made another cup, this time Southern pecan.

breakfast2Today I had my two classes and then lunch with my friend Ben, which was nice because we don’t get to see each other often since we are both very busy. After lunch, I finished up my chemistry homework and headed over to play with Rammy the Cat for the last time.

I had dinner with Hillary and then it was time to hit the books:

homeworkI have to finish reading for poli sci and religious studies tonight, and I’ll be happy.

I’m drinking kombucha to keep myself from snacking. I’ve been eating a lot of candy and dessert, and not quite as many veggies as I’d like! I’m working on only eating when I’m hungry and not just because “I always eat a treat at 9 p.m.” Sometimes I eat a snack at night and it makes me feel stuffed, which is not fun.

I had dessert at dinner, so I’m letting that be my treat for the night. Starting tomorrow: two servings of veggies at both lunch and dinner.

kombuchaThis flavor is great! I love ginger. And I love kombucha!

Going to finish up The Biggest Loser and then back to studying.


3 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Nice job on the negative splits! Isn’t Garmin Connect fun?
    Careful on the trail. Be aware of your surrounding & enjoy them, too (which means leave those ear bud things at home 🙂

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