Feel-Good Foods

I take every opportunity to cook and eat great food while I’m at home, and I think I did a good job today. I always know I ate well when I look back through my day in photos and wish I could eat it all over again.

I started at 7:30 with a nice mug of coffee. My mom and I had a running date! We headed out a little after 8 a.m. and did 3.5 miles around the lake at the park. The loop is actually 3.7 miles so we walked the last .2 mile.

After our run, I made breakfast! I decided eggs were in order since I can’t make them at school.

breakfast1Scrambled eggs on toast with melted swiss cheese

eggsSo yummy! I also had a nice Fuji apple on the side.

applesAnd some chocolate milk to drink.



breakfast2It was a pretty tasty breakfast. After eating, I cleaned up and sat down to do some homework. I got all of the chemistry done that I hoped to before I got hungry for lunch.

I really wanted to recreate the green smoothie I had on Monday, so I went to the grocery store and picked up some frozen pineapple, frozen chopped spinach and coconut milk.

Basic Green Smoothie



  • 1 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 cup frozen chopped spinach (or other leafy green vegetable of your choice)
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 tsp flax seeds
  • 1 cup light coconut milk

Add all of the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glass and enjoy.

I seriously enjoyed this lunch.

lunch1I served my smoothie with a side of buttered toast.





lunch2After lunch, my mom and I set out on a journey to get me new running shoes! I discovered about 30 seconds after my run that my knees were killing me! My legs have been sore all day, as has my lower back. I don’t usually get this kind of pain, so I think it’s a cue to get myself some new running shoes.

I’ve worn the Mizuno Wave Rider since my very first pair of running shoes, and it’s served me well, so I knew that’s what I wanted to get. I checked out the new Wave Rider 16 online and saw they had three color choices. I was smitten with the “Rouge Red/Apple Green” color combo, so I called around to several local running stores to see who had it in stock.

Surprisingly, they had a lot of the “White/Ultraviolet” around in my size, but I only found one store with the color I wanted: the Big River Running Company downtown. So off we went!

I must say, I am really excited to take these for a spin tomorrow:

DSC_2144We also hit up Whole Foods because I wanted to get some kombucha to take back to school, and I also got these little babies:

rice crackersSo tasty! They have that “umami” flavor in the best way I can describe it. I had some for a snack.

Dinner tonight was really exciting! I’d been waiting all week to try some Vietnamese food. I see bloggers eat pho all the time and it always looks amazing. So my whole family headed to Mai Lee restaurant for some tasty eats.

I started out with some fresh-squeeze lemonade to drink:

lemonadeFor my meal, I ordered some shrimp and pork spring rolls to start:

spring rolls1They had some lettuce, rice noodles and green onions as well. The dipping sauce was slightly sweet:



spring rolls2They were quite the tasty appetizer! For my meal, I got a soup that wasn’t technically pho according to the menu. It was listed as “Bun Dau Hiu Rau Cai”, but if that sounds like a mouthful to you, they number all of their dishes so you don’t have to pronounce them!

soupI had a vegetarian soup with tofu, noodles and TONS of veggies like snow peas, carrots, cabbage, water chestnuts and baby corn.

My soup came with a side of veggie toppings to add:

toppingsI added some bean sprouts, cilantro and a squeeze of lemon, plus a little sriracha for heat.

My dad ordered a chicken curry dish that was AMAZING. The coconut flavor was heavenly.

curryAnd my mom ordered a beef and shrimp noodle bowl that was also pretty tasty.

momEverything we had was really yummy, and there were so many more options on the menu I’d love to try! There was even Chinese food options that my picky-eater brother recognized (Sweet and Sour Chicken is his meal of choice.)

What I really liked about the Vietnamese food was that it had those good Asian flavors but was a lot healthier than what we know as Chinese food. Not a lot of fried options and plenty of vegetables to go around. I can’t wait to have some more!

Tonight I’m hanging out in my pajamas and waiting for SNL to start. I hope it’s funny tonight! House Hunters will have to fill the void: they’re in Portland right now. So fun!


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