Good Ending

It’s Friday! I’m home! The week went well! I hope you are all feeling as happy as I am.

I think my good vibes are due to the fabulous sleep I had last night. According to my Sleep Cycle app, I slept for 8 hours and 40 minutes, and it was glorious. My sleep rating was 99%, which is the highest I’ve ever had! Here’s the chart from last night:

sleepgraphI guess what makes it such a good sleep is because I was mostly in deep sleep territory. Anyways, it’s fun to see when you wake up even if it means absolutely nothing.

Breakfast looks familiar:

breakfast2Toast. With orange marmalade. I guess I couldn’t stay away.

toastThere was a really big chunk of orange peel on my toast today:

orangeAn almost over-ripe but not quite banana with yogurt:

bananaAnd coffee to drink


breakfast1My morning was leisurely because I got all of my homework done last night. I had two classes and then picked up lunch at the dining hall. I got out of my noon class early so I didn’t even have to wait in the long line!

lunchIt was a veggie heaven.

limasLima beans

squashRoasted butternut squash

And pasta with edamame and peas with lemon tilapia

fishIt was all quite tasty!

lunch2Since my lunch was so light, I was able to go on my run within 45 minutes. I did 3 miles at the Rec on the treadmill. I actually didn’t have such a terrible time today because I was able to watch Katie Couric’s talk show. She had Sonia Sotomayor on, which was really entertaining, and there were very few commercials! Kept me going for 30 minutes.

After my run, I showered and packed my stuff to go home. Allen got off work at 5 so we headed out then. First we made a stop to take care of Rammy the Cat! I snapped a photo of him to send to my flute professor on my phone. I would have taken a higher quality photo but he was moving around a lot and it was hard enough to get one!

Here he is:

photo-8I will be back to see him again on Sunday and Monday.

After visiting with Rammy, we headed home. We got home around 7:30 and picked up some dinner. Mexican food from my favorite local place, Guajillo!

dinner1I got a bare burrito with rice, black beans, fajita veggies, corn salsa, guacamole and corn salsa.

dinner2It was delicious! And for dessert:

dessertHannah’s mom sent me some Valentine’s Day treats! I had to try them. Homemade toffee and white chocolate pretzels. Both delicious!

Tomorrow I’ve got lots of fun plans, and also some homework. It should be a good day.


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