Tonight’s post is brought to you in a fury because, I hate to admit, I forgot about posting! I can’t believe it. I’ve been posting every day for almost three months and I forgot to post. I am ashamed.

But here I am, and it’s not even midnight. Hooray!

Thursdays mean early mornings and light breakfasts:

breakfast2Toast, toast, it is the…mooooost

toastYogurt with honey

yogurtAnd a banana that I photographed but never ended up eating.

breakfast1Thursdays also bring 8 a.m. chemistry, lunch with Allen, band and political science. This Thursday also brought much productivity! Here’s what I accomplished today:

  1. I finished my chemistry assignment due tomorrow. 
  2. I think I did well on the weekly quiz in political science.
  3. I made my bed.
  4. I packed my bag for tomorrow and set out the textbooks I’ll need to bring home for the weekend.

After classes, I had an hour to kill before the pool opened at the Rec. Today was a cross-training day for me so I went swimming! Snack to get me through:

cereal1Oatmeal squares with vanilla soy milk

In a mug!

cereal2I swam for about 35 minutes, doing 4×50 (is that correct vernacular?) repeats of different strokes (free, back and breast) and efforts. It was a good workout I’d say!

After my swim and shower at the Rec, I headed back to my room and pulled myself together well enough to get to the hall government meeting and then meet Allen for dinner. Dinner was good tonight!

I am cat-sitting for the next few days for my flute professor, so after dinner I went to visit my new friend Rammy! I didn’t take any pictures today because I wanted to get the lay of the land, but tomorrow I will take a picture of him. He is very friendly!

When I got back, I finished my homework and realized I had done everything I needed to do! I messed around on the Internet, listened to Bradley Cooper’s interview on Fresh Air and ate some pumpkin seeds:
seeds…and that’s when I remembered I hadn’t blogged today! So sorry.

Here’s what’s on tap for the weekend:

  • Heading home Friday night to visit the fam
  • Running
  • Les Mis with mom on Saturday afternoon
  • Vietnamese food with Dad on Saturday night (Pho for the first time I hope!)
  • Homework, homework, homework

Hope you’ve got lots of fun plans for the weekend!


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