Up and Out

I finally got back on track with my running this morning. I promised myself I would get up and out this morning, and that’s what I did!

7 a.m. came around and I drank a glass of water and got my running clothes on and left to go running at the Rec. I did 3 miles, switching between 10, 9:30 and 9 min/miles. It was chilly this morning so I’m glad I stayed inside because I haven’t been faring well out in the cold. I also bribed myself with the promise of the Today Show during my run! It definitely helped!

I will admit I still do not like running on treadmills! They make everything seem more difficult. When I run outside, I average around 9 min./miles but on the treadmill I struggle with 10 min./miles. If someone could explain this to me I would LOVE it.

After my run, I came back, stretched and took a shower before breakfast. By this time I was PLENTY hungry so I made a BIG breakfast.

breakfast1I couldn’t decide between toast and oatmeal, so I had both!

oatmealBasic microwave banana oats, topped with coconut butter and a big heaping scoop of strawberry preserves. It was a tad sweet for my taste.

Toast with butter!

toastI left it in a little long…Dr. Oz would not approve!

And coffee. Can’t wait to go home this weekend and get more coffee because my stash is dangerously low.

coffeeThis breakfast was quite tasty, and very filling!

breakfast2I headed to class dressed for spring because that’s what the weatherman (and woman) told me, but it was NOT warm out. I guess I underestimated the power of 40s and 50s. I’m ready to wear skirts, dresses and spring clothes!

After my 11 and 12 o’ clock classes, I wasn’t hungry for lunch, so I came back to my room and did a little homework. I threw together this sandwich around 1:30:

lunchTrader Joe’s smoked trout with some mayo and relish. Yummy! Washed down with some La Croix:

waterBest served in a mason jar with a stainless steal straw:


Later on I used my last box of Quinn popcorn, maple and sea salt. It was tasty!

popcornI did all of my homework this afternoon, which was really great. AND even more exciting was our very short staff meeting! We got out in time to go to my preferred dining hall for dinner. Yay!

After dinner, I got very excited about doing laundry. Yes, that’s right. I bought new laundry detergent and I was excited to try it out:

nelliesI’ll probably do a post about it once I’ve used it for a while, but I’ll just say that I think it worked really well! No smells from my sweaty workout clothes.

Tonight we are watching TV–Nashville is back! Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Up and Out

  1. I bought some Charlie’s Soap (a different “eco-friendly” laundry soap) my freshmen year for laundry and was excited about it to. I still actually have a TON left because 1- you only need a tablespoon for each load and 2- I don’t do laundry that often with it because half the time I’m at home and also I re-wear clothes unless they are smelly or dirty.

    • Yeah I am in the same boat–I take my clothes home most times I go and I only do laundry every two weeks. This summer will be different though because I’ll be here in Columbia!

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