Starting the week out right

Today’s been a good start to the week! It’s good when you’re able to say that on a Monday.

I started out at 7 a.m. and there was SUNLIGHT! We are heading out of winter and into spring, and the weather was no slouch today. It got up into the 50s today and it’s going to be there for the next few days. Whoo!

I showered and put off breakfast until I was absolutely starving. Here’s what I threw together:

breakfast2Toast with orange marmalade! After three days in a row, I’ll say I’m going to take a break for a while ­čśŤ

toastAnd yogurt with banana. I served myself a little too much yogurt…I had trouble finishing it.

bananasAnd coffee to drink.

coffeeAfter breakfast, I did a little homework and got ready for class. Because of the warm weather, I decided to wear a skirt with tights! It could have been a bit warmer for my taste though…my legs were cold at times.

I had Comm Law and Religious Studies today, and they were both a little dry. I was glad when they were over! I was also hungry: it was lunchtime. I did a to-go box from the dining hall.

lunchSo perhaps it’s not the prettiest lunch I’ve ever had, but it was tasty!

pastaPenne and broccoli parmesan. Yum!

AND freshly made white-bean hummus:

hummusWith pita triangles for dipping. I think it was leftover from yesterday when they served Superbowl foods, but it was GOOD. I wish they’d serve it everyday.

pitaAnd some half-strength Gatorade to wash it all down.

gatoradeAfter lunch I had a little time to kill and then I headed to my flute lesson, which went well. Then I came back to my room and made an executive decision not to run today. I don’t really have a good reason other than I just didn’t feel like it. I’ll just rearrange my training plan and run on Friday instead. No problem!

Today was a big day for Allen because it was his first official day of work! He’s got a job lined up for after graduation starting in May, and he is doing training three days a week throughout the semester. In honor of that, we went out for dinner at The Heidelberg.

Dinner was mostly appetizers because they do a “buy one, get one free” deal before 7 p.m. We shared some things:

friesFrench fries

motzFried mozzarella

And for me, a veggie quesadilla that had a few too many red onions for my taste.

quesadillaI ate just enough to be satisfied but not enough to feel gross, because we had plans for afterward: ice cream. We wanted to get ice cream at Sparky’s downtown because I had never been and they have a lot of really unique flavors, but it was closed! During the winter they open┬ásporadically and I thought they might be open but no such luck. Across the street, however, was an awesome vegetarian cafe and juice bar, Main Squeeze!

I had been before, but only for a smoothie. Their smoothies are really tasty, so we each got one for dessert. I got the Braveheart smoothie, which has banana, kale, coconut milk, pineapple and flax seed. It was a nice way to end the meal considering our dinner wasn’t exactly healthy.

And just look at how PRETTY the color is:

smoothieBeautiful AND tasty. Right now we are watching The Biggest Loser and pretty soon I’m going to get started on some homework. It’s been a great day. Hoping for a great week!




2 thoughts on “Starting the week out right

  1. How have you never been to Sparky’s?! it’s awesome. I think you would really like it. I had the most amazing lavender ice cream there. Also they always have a really delicious chocolate flavor and always new ones so it stays lots of fun.

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