Saturday Blues

Today has been grey, dreary and cold, and it’s seriously affecting me. I’m ready for some SUNSHINE. I hear spring is coming, according to Punxsutawney Phil. So at least there’s that.

I let myself have a nice, long, natural sleep. I woke up around 7:30 but went back to sleep until just before 9. I got over nine hours of sleep and it was glorious.

But my energized wake-up only lasted so long. I was feeling groggy and out of it all morning. The only thing I can think of is the weather: after about a week of so much grey and cold, I think I’m getting into a bit of a funk!

I had plans to get “brunch” at 11, so I ate a light breakfast to tide me over.

breakfast1Toast with orange marmalade! This stuff is GOOD. Seriously.

marmaladeCoffee on the side.


breakfast2After breakfast, I got ready and met Hillary and Jessie in the lobby. We drove over to one of the farther dining halls for brunch. I didn’t eat too much at brunch: some eggs, some spinach quiche and a few tater tots. I wasn’t that impressed with the spread.

After brunch, Hillary and I went to Wal-Mart and HyVee, which was fun because she’s never been. Oatmeal Squares were on sale! That was really exciting because they are usually pretty pricy.

Anyway, after that I came back and was basically falling asleep, so I decided to go for a run to try to pick myself up. Unfortunately it didn’t really work: I ran 3 miles but it was much colder than I expected so my first mile was filled with cold toes and fingers.

Then at about 2.5 miles I got hungry. This never happens to me! It made finishing the run really difficult. I just didn’t have the energy. When I got back I knew I needed fuel ASAP.

snackBanana, Oatmeal Squares with soymilk and some watered-down Gatorade. It helped me a bit, but I still wasn’t feeling great. I took a shower and was FREEZING when I got out. I finally decided to take a nap at around 4:30 because I could barely keep my eyes open.

The nap helped, and so did blow-drying my hair. But my stomach started feeling off so I had some tea and crackers to try to settle it.

snack2It helped, and I was feeling better in time to go to dinner with Allen and his parents, who came in for the evening to visit. I had to pick Allen up because his car stalled on his way to pick ME up. Hopefully everything will be ok!

We went to Flat Branch and I got ginger ale and a veggie burger. It was tasty!

Now Allen and I are going to go to the grocery store and buy some things for the Superbowl tomorrow! I’ve got a busy day tomorrow so I’m hoping to get up early and do some homework.


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