Packages and Friday Links

Happy Friday readers! It’s been a long week for me and it’s not over yet…I’ve got some homework to finish up that’s due at midnight. Hopefully it won’t take me too long!

I went to bed early last night just like I told you I would, and I naturally woke up at 6:45 feeling pretty good! I also changed my alarm song so I think that helped. I use an app called Sleep Cycle which analyzes your movements throughout the night and wakes you up during the lightest phase of your cycle, up to 30 minutes before you set the alarm. It also lets you choose music to wake up to, which is really fun! I chose “Let It Be Me” by Ray Lamontagne and it was a really nice sound to wake up to.

ANYWAYS, I didn’t have class until 11 a.m. so I spent some time lounging in my bed before I got up to take a shower. Then I waited a little longer before making breakfast and enjoyed a nice warm mug of Earl Grey Green.

teaI’m glad I wasn’t starving when I woke up because I like to eat later on MWF because I can’t eat lunch until 1 p.m. I finally ate around 8:30.


oatmealStandard banana oats with an egg cooked in. Topped with coconut butter and my deliciously but quickly disappearing Crofter’s spread. I need more of this stuff but it’s so expensive!

Coffee to drink. I’m also running out of coffee. (Dad, that’s a hint for you)



breakfast1I had a leisurely breakfast and then did a reading quiz for my religious studies class. I’ve been trying to do the quizzes by skimming the readings but it’s not working too well. I’m going to have to do a better job. I also did some more chemistry homework.

I had Comm Law and Religious Studies today and then met Allen for lunch at 1. After lunch we went to pick up our last basketball ticket, Mizzou vs. Arkansas. Then I went back to my room before heading to flute ensemble rehearsal at 4 p.m.

I did a quick run to HyVee for some groceries. I shouldn’t need anything else this week, so that’s good.

groceriesBananas (standard), quick-cooking oats (finally out) and HyVee brand jams, one orange marmalade and one strawberry. Sadly these two jams together were still cheaper than my Crofter’s. And some more popcorn because I’m almost out.

I couldn’t wait to get back because I was expecting TWO packages today. I was SO EXCITED when they finally got here.

packageI wonder what’s inside! Anything good?

tea2I’ve been drinking a lot of Earl Grey Green recently if you didn’t notice, so I needed to restock. I also got a sample of the Valentine’s tea, which is basically chocolate strawberry flavored black tea. I’ve had it before but I always want it around this time…probably the name that gets me!

And the most exciting thing of all!

dressI ordered the dress from ModCloth! It fits great except for a little extra fabric in the back by my neck, but it’s not a big deal because my hair covers it. I just need to iron out the wrinkles in the skirt and then I can wear it!

I had dinner with Hillary and Jessie (another staff member) and now I’m about to tackle the last of my chemistry homework. But I have some more fun stuff for you! Here are some cool things I’ve seen on the web this week:

1. Embracing My Fitness and My Thickness from Graceful Fitness. I love how Faith talked about her “strong” body because it’s definitely something to appreciate! I often feel like this about my legs: I’ve got runners calves and strong thighs. It’s just the way I’m built, so I’ve got to enjoy it.

2. This model talks about how it’s not all fun and games. I love how honest she is about the privileges she has because of her race and her looks. TED Talks are great!

3. A really funny column about menstruation. Because it’s not that big of a deal.

Hope you enjoy the links!


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