I wish I hadn’t used the title “Blanket Weather” yesterday because TODAY was really blanket weather.

Just look at the weather right now: 12 DEGREES! And if you can’t see, the wind is 17 MPH making the wind chill NEGATIVE 5 DEGREES!!!Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.33.27 PMI honestly can’t believe about twenty minutes ago I was walking outside after dinner. I’m not cut out for this kind of cold.

Rewind back to 6:45 a.m. when I got up this morning. I wanted breakfast in a bowl today, so I put this together:

breakfast1Cinnamon Puffins, banana and a bit of yogurt.

cerealIt was the perfect mix of texture and flavors!

Coffee to drink.


breakfast2I got dressed and faced the cold for the first time for my 8 a.m. chemistry class. I’m not really sure what today was all about because he talked a lot about the history of science and I’m almost positive none of that stuff will be on the exam. BUT I’ve been working on the homework and it’s going really well.

After class I came back to my room and picked things up a little bit. I skimmed through the reading for Poli Sci today and did some more chemistry problems. Then I met Allen for lunch at 11.

Lunch, band and Poli Sci all went well today. We had our first “real” weekly quiz in Poli Sci and I think I did well. Hooray for staying on top of the readings and focusing in class!

I trekked back to my room after class and I was SO COLD. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve been so underdressed in the cold in my life. It was time to get warm ASAP.


snackTea and toast to stay warm (and spite Dr. Oz.)



toastEnjoyed snuggled up under the blanket.

blanketWith Ina Garten. On TV, not under the blanket.

inaI don’t know if you can see how cold it is from this photo, but let me tell you it is FREEZING.

coldI was going to go to the Rec to swim today since I’m supposed to cross-train, but it was too cold to leave the Rec with wet hair so I opted to take a nap instead.

Allen came up for dinner at 6:30 and they were out of everything warm and delicious. Mostly peach cobbler. I was really disappointed by that and was forced to make my own dessert: an affogado!

If you’ve never had an affogado, it’s super simple: espresso (or strong coffee) and vanilla ice cream. That’s it!

As for the ice cream, there is only one choice:

ice creamBreyers “Natural Vanilla” is the best vanilla ice cream there is, hands down. Tastes homemade.

I brewed some decaf coffee in my Keurig on the 6 oz setting and scooped a heaping scoop of ice cream into my coffee. The result was a creamy, not-too-sweet, warm, delicious drink.

affogatoSo at least that part of my day went right. Only one more day of bitter cold and then we’re moving onto warmer and better things.

Tonight I’m going to do a little bit of homework and then get to bed EARLY. I’m already feeling the effects of the last two weeks of not-so-great sleep. I know I need my 8 hours, but sometimes I try to get away with less. Getting back on track starting tonight!


2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Faaarrrrrrreeeeeeeezing! It’s nuts cold here, too. It feels like 0° out there, but it’s about 17° right now.
    I remember that the first winter that I was at Mizzou, we had reallllllllly cold weather and lots of ice storms. I remember walking to 7:30 a.m. class when it was 11° outside and it was SOOOOO cold! You poor thing! Having to walk out in this cold! Yuck 😦

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