Blanket Weather

My week has been pretty busy so far, but today has been good. I’ve had some time to myself and I think I’m on track with all of my homework and other obligations. Getting through my on-call shift was nice.

I was up around 7:30 to a grey sky, which didn’t help me get out of bed. I wish I could have stayed in bed all morning, all snuggled up under my blankets! But I had homework to do, so I got up.

Breakfast was simple:

breakfast1Toast toast toast

toastSpeaking of toast, I saw this AWFUL story on The Dr. Oz Show about how a by-product of toast called acrylamide causes cancer! I hope that’s not true because I love toast too much to stop eating it. Be quiet Dr. Oz!

Yogurt with honey

yogurtAnd a banana that I ended up packing for my noon snack.

bananaCoffee to drink


breakfast2After breakfast, I did some chemistry homework which is actually going quite well! I am enjoying solving problems for the first time in a long time. It’s a departure from my other liberal arts courses.

I had Comm Law at 11 and the trek to that class was long and COLD. It was snowing and very windy. The class itself was kind of boring…sometimes I have trouble organizing the lecture into notes because she can be all over the place. After that I had Religious Studies and then I picked up lunch at the dining hall.

lunch2I used my own plate and bowl because I had to reheat my sausage sandwich.

sausageSo tasty! And a salad on the side.

saladSoy milk to drink



lunch1After my lunch and some digestion, I made the difficult decision to run indoors. I DO NOT like running on treadmills or going to the gym. Everything I love about running outdoors and the sport in general seems to be squelched in a gym setting. It was an uncomfortable 2.5 mile tempo run that I tried to get done as quickly as possible.

I walked back to my room and stretched and then hit the shower. That’s another thing about running inside in the winter: you SWEAT.

I got ready for my staff meeting and packed some snacks to keep myself fresh:

pbjPeanut butter and jelly! I’m almost out of my delicious Crofter’s 😦

And Kashi Garlic Pesto crackers. My coworker Dylan really liked these crackers and kept eating them during the meeting.


I had staff meeting from 5-7 and then went to dinner with Allen and a lot of my staff members. It was a really nice meal! We had some good conversation. I’m really going to miss my staff next year.

Right now I’m going to get started on some chemistry homework. I’m thinking there is tea and chocolate in my future…


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