Stormy Days

Today has been another marathon of a day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow to come. I had another early wake-up because of my 8 a.m. class and the millions of things I needed to get done this morning.

I was up at 6:30 so I could shower before class. Normally I wouldn’t shower on a Tuesday morning but I had an interview later in the morning so I wanted to get the shower out of the way.

Small breakfast because I had an early lunch planned:

breakfast1Toast with butter

toastAn apple

appleAnd soy milk for protein



breakfast2I was going to have coffee too, but my stomach wasn’t feeling it.

I got ready and headed to my 8 a.m. class. It was really dark and cloudy outside today and it made me quite sleepy. Chemistry was also kind of silly today because we just did problems in class and I felt pretty good about them. I’m not really sure how to study for this class because the professor just says “work problems” over and over again. I guess I need to get to it!

After class, I raced back to my room because I had about an hour and 45 minutes to do laundry and get ready for my reapplication interview for Res Life. I managed to get it all done, which felt really good! I was afraid my clothes wouldn’t have enough time to dry and/or I wouldn’t get them folded in time, but I managed too, so that was good.

I headed to my 11 a.m. interview and it was pretty warm out, which was uncomfortable. My interview was for placement as a student staff member for next school year, but I’m not going to put details on here because I don’t want to jinx anything! I’ll let you know in a few weeks where I’m headed as soon as I find out!

After my interview, I came back to my room to change clothes and eat a small lunch.

lunch1Two slices of bread with peanut butter and banana inside (I know, a boring photo.)

sandwichAnd more soy milk…recognize this photo?

soymilk2I swear it’s a different one from breakfast!

After lunch I made the MILE LONG (seriously) trek to band. Over the course of my walk, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up, so by the time I got over to the other side of campus I felt like I was in a different place all together.

I had band and then a rainy walk over to poli sci. I was sleeeeepy throughout both of my classes but I pushed through. Then I came back to my room for a break and a snack.

snackChocolate yogurt with a meringue cookie

snack2And coffee to help me through the rest of the day

coffeeI had a meeting at 5:15 that didn’t really get started until 5:30, and then I went to dinner with Hillary and Kalen. Now I’m back in my room blogging and then getting ready to be on-call for the first time this semester. Hopefully all goes well!


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