Inauguration Day is always a very exciting day. Not to get to sentimental, but I love the peaceful transition (or maintenance) of power that occurs every time a president takes the oath of office.

So obviously I was up early to get in on the action. I rolled out of bed at 8 a.m. and had a relaxing morning in my pajamas with some oatmeal:

oats1Same recipe as the other day: basic microwave oats with an egg stirred in. Topped with jam and coconut butter. Why mess with a good thing?


Tea to drink today: currant and vanilla blend

tea1If you look closely, you can see the leaves floating on the top of the tea. See them now?

tea2When I was steeping it, I accidentally took the top off the infuser and “water boarded” the leaves. Some got into my tea! Yuck.

breakfastThe inauguration was great. Love Michelle Obama!

michelleI had mid-morning cup of coffee after breakfast as the inauguration continued on.

coffeeAfter all of the speeches and performances, I decided to do some yoga. The weather took a turn for the worse today (like on Oregon Trail!) so I knew I wasn’t going outside to run. And since I’m pretty much anti-treadmill (and anti-gym during the beginning of the semester) I did a session in my room.

I use Yoga Download to do yoga in my room. The site is great and offers a lot of different practices for whatever mood you’re in. Any 20 minute session is free, and longer sessions are charged per download. I ended up doing a 20-minute class called Core Yoga 1 and boy was it hard! I’m glad I didn’t pay for a longer class because I was done after the 20 minutes.

After a quick shower, I got in my second workout: stairs. Not on purpose though! I had to let a girl into her room but one of the elevators was broken, so I ran down the stairs, then up to the 8th floor with her, and then back down the stairs to put the key away. UGH. My legs were TIRED.

Lunch was at the dining hall, and then Allen and I watched the second inauguration of the day on The West Wing! That’s right: we finally finish West Wing. It was bittersweet for sure. I’m ready to start all over again at the beginning. I don’t want it to be over!

In between the last two episodes, I had a little snack:

toastPeanut butter toast hit the spot.

We came back to campus for dinner and then I had to deal with the electronic lock on my door being broken. Tonight I’m just trying to relax because tomorrow is the first day of classes! Here’s what I’m taking this semester:

  • Chemistry I
  • Politics of the American South
  • Religion in Post-Civil War America
  • Communications Law
  • Symphonic Band
  • Flute lessons
  • Flute ensemble

I have chemistry, political science and band tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Should be a good day. Can’t wait to tell you about my new classes.


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