Back to Bagel Sundays

Today was a lazy Sunday for sure. I got a good night of sleep and spent the morning lazing around and reading Gone Girl.

Per usual, Allen and I headed to B&B Bagel for our usual Sunday brunch. I love bagels and these are some of the best!

breakfast1I switched it up today and got an egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel.

eggAnd for some sweetness, a chocolate chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese:

bagelHazelnut coffee to drink

coffeeSo yummy!

breakfast2We watched some more West Wing with breakfast…we only have three episodes left and I am NOT prepared for the series finale.

I headed back to my room and finished Gone Girl. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I’ll just say I was NOT satisfied with the ending. Looking for a new book to read. Any suggestions?

I spent my afternoon in my room hanging out. I made a snack around 3:00:

quinnThe last of my popcorn flavors I haven’t tried yet. I loved it! I’m not sure which flavor I loved most but once I’m done with them I think I will be ordering more.

popcornEarl Grey Green tea to drink

teaI had dinner with Allen at the dining hall and then we came back to my room and watched Once Upon a Time. I think there’s another episode of West Wing on the docket tonight.

A lot of my residents are back in the hall today, so things are getting a bit noisier. I’m ready for classes to start, but we’ve got another day of break left.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 25 degrees, with high winds! I’m planning to stay inside under my warm covers for most of the day. Luckily it’s the¬†inauguration, so I’m going to watch that for at least the morning. I didn’t run today and I foresee myself heading out into the bitter cold to get a run in. We’ll see!


4 thoughts on “Back to Bagel Sundays

  1. I was totally going to be jealous of your weather too! Here at Truman in Kirksville we’re apparently just as bad as Chicago. It’s 8 degrees, but feels like -9 because of the wind!

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