Wastin’ Time on the Weekend

It’s a three-day weekend, and I am behaving accordingly: nothing too strenuous on the agenda for me today.

I slept in until about 8:30 after a really great night of sleep. I lazed around a bit before I was too hungry to wait for breakfast anymore.

Microwave oatmeal, updated:

breakfast2I made my regular microwave oats: quick-cooking oats, milk, chia seed, banana, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla. Cooked for one minute, stirred, cooked for another minute and stirred vigorously to break up the banana.

Then I added my secret ingredient:

eggsAn egg! I was doing this at home with my stovetop oats over break, so I thought I’d try it in the microwave. I cracked the egg into the hot oats, stirred it around, and then microwaved it in 15-second intervals until the eggs was cooked through. The result was a really nice texture, almost like stovetop oats!

oatmealTopped with some coconut butter and jam. Speaking of jam, here’s the good stuff I got at the store:

jamI love this stuff! I’ve had the Europe flavor of the Crofter’s Superfruit Spread, and it was amazing, but I wanted to try something new. This has blueberries, cranberries, cherries and grapes. I think I like Europe better, but this is not slouch. I love getting a little blueberry bite.

oatmeal2Made for a delicious bowl.

Coffee to drink



breakfast1After breakfast and some digestion, I suited up for a run. The weather was phenomenal today: 55 and sunny when I went out! I ran four miles on a messy trail and I had to pee basically the entire time, but other than that it was a good run. Under 10-minute miles the whole time.

I stretched and showered and had lunch with Hillary at the dining hall. Then I picked up my room a bit and then went over to Allen’s.

I organized my textbooks and put them on the shelf. I have a lot of books this semester and I thought they needed a home.

booksAt Allen’s, I did some laundry (my tights were all muddy from the trail) and we watched Mizzou lose badly. It was not an enjoyable game. I also took a nap. I was in a DEEP SLEEP and was cranky when I got up and also hungry.

I came back to my room to make popcorn!

popcornAir popped, all the way.

With a bit of oil so the salt would stick:

oilI have to be honest, olive oil does not taste good on popcorn. Must remedy this situation for better popcorn.

I also had a La Croix to drink. I bought these last semester so I need to finish them. I’m planning to use my Soda Stream for sparkling water this semester.

waterDinner was at the dining hall again. Tonight I think there is West Wing on the agenda. We are only seven episodes away from the end of the series! I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.


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