Spring Semester Cleaning

I’m back at school. I’m doing ok considering I was really not looking forward to ending break. I miss my family, but I kept myself busy today and I think that really helped.

I woke up at 6 a.m. to say goodbye to my mom. She leaves the house at 6:30 and I wanted to be able to see her a little bit before she left. I’m glad I got up early!

Breakfast was sad too, knowing I won’t have a kitchen to cook in for a long time.

breakfast2I made scrambled eggs with the last of the smoked salmon and a bit of cream cheese. Last time I can make eggs for a while!

eggsAnd toast with apricot jam. Now this is something I can easily recreate.

toastCoffee to drink.



breakfast1I watched a bit of the Today Show and then got to packing. Dad stayed home with me this morning to help me pack up my stuff, which made things a whole lot easier. I was all packed up and ready to go around 8:30.

After a stop for gas and one last trip home for some forgotten kombucha, I was on the road. I made it to Columbia by 10:30 and got to work unpacking myself.

messMy room looked like a disaster zone for about 5 hours. In addition to unpacking, I was also decluttering and reorganizing!

I’d collected a lot of junk in the past year and a half that seems to travel with me as “dorm stuff.” Today I threw away and packed up a lot of things I just didn’t need anymore.

I started by unpacking some of my clothes:

clothesAnd then I tackled my toiletry drawer.

drawer1I packed away my Bath and Body Works products that I haven’t used all semester and tidied things up a bit.

drawer3SO much better now.

The drawer above became a catch-all for textbooks and papers over last semester.

drawer2I threw away a lot of papers and made things nice and neat.

drawer4Next I hit what I call my “kitchen desk.” Basically it holds all of my dishes and it’s where I throw meals together. It was quite cluttered because I had new dishes.

desk1Messy and not attractive!

desk2I packed away some of the dishes I don’t like anymore and replaced them with my new ones. Much better to look at now!

desk4My tea drawer needed some help too. I have entirely too much tea and I’m trying to pare down (hear that Dad? Hear that Allen?)

teadrawer1Even with new teas, it’s looking much more organized.




At about 11:30 I was getting hungry, but I knew I couldn’t go to the grocery store just yet. Luckily I had some provisions!

snack1Half of a date-coconut bar and some tamari smoked almonds.

Plus some of these crackers my dad made me bring back with me. Glad I did! They tasted like bruschetta.

snack2Back to work! My closets needed some help.

closet1A lot of mismatched cleaning supplies on this side.

And nothing over here:

closet2Now things are a little more evenly distributed.



closet4Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, I have two closets. I’m one of the lucky ones who is in a double room. I had a temporary roommate at the beginning of the semester, but she only stayed for two weeks before she got moved and was the most laid-back roommate imaginable!

Eventually I did make a grocery store run. I picked up some stuff for lunch!

lunch1Frozen veggie burger microwaved, served on toast with ketchup and mayo.

veggie burgerSliced apples

apples1Cut up on my new cutting board!

cuttingboard’bout time I invested in one.

I sprinkled pumpkin pie spice on my apples for flava.

apples2I also picked up a salad from the salad bar. I only filled it up with spinach and then added dressing I already had. Super cheap and better than buying a whole bag I can’t finish.



lunch2After lunch I finished unpacking. I think I was done around 3:30, and it felt so good. I added some homey touches.

A calendar:

calendarEvery year my mom gets my brother and I calendars for Christmas. She takes the hunt for the perfect calendar very seriously and always does a great job. This year I got a healthy living calendar, which is perfect!

I also bought myself a plant:

violets1African Violets. I’m so excited about my plant! Here is its home:

violets2I bought a little dish to sit it on so the water doesn’t get everywhere, but I broke it 😦 I’m going to have to glue it back together.

Nothing better than a clean and organized room. After my cleaning spree, I did a little reading and watched the news. Then I went out to dinner with Hillary.

We went to Flat Branch Pub and Brewing, which is my favorite restaurant in Columbia. Unfortunately it’s also everyone else’s favorite, so there’s usually a long wait. We figured tonight would be a good time to take advantage of being back early.

The best part of Flat Branch:

ginger aleGinger Ale! I love ginger ale and they make their homemade. Perfection.

I ordered a bean burrito, which was pretty good.

dinner1It was topped with a queso sauce, which was really the best part. Inside there was rice, beans, and pickled jalapeños that just didn’t go with the flavor so I picked them out.

burritoFor my side I chose their homemade applesauce, which is always tasty.

applesauceTonight I’m going to relax, get a bit of work done and then watch Parenthood! I’m hoping to go to bed early so I can get up and get some stuff done before training starts at 1 p.m.

A note on Res Life training: I’m planning some posts for training, but I hope to have time to give you a little update about what’s going on. I may not have many photos because we eat all of our meals in the dining halls (no cameras allowed!) and then do a lot of sessions, but I’ve got some cool posts planned that I’m really excited about!




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