Smile, it’s Sunday

I had to remind myself that today was a day to enjoy, not a day to dread heading back to school. Winter break has always felt like a huge vacation. Even when I was in high school, when Allen would head back to school after a month at home, it was really hard.

I think I was able to stifle the worries and enjoy my last Sunday at home for a little while.

I was up early because I had a breakfast date with my dad: Sunday morning bagels at a new-to-me place, The Bagel Factory. They make authentic New York-style bagels (or at least as authentic as I know since I’ve never actually been to NYC.)

One thing they DIDN’T have was lox! I was super disappointed. We ran to the grocery store and grabbed some lox and a tomato so I could make breakfast.

breakfast1Lox, tomato and cream cheese on an everything bagel and a strawberry bagel on its own.

bagelThe bagels themselves were nice and chewy, but they weren’t anything special. I wish they had served actual lox and bagel because that’s my favorite thing!

Coffee to drink



After breakfast, I had an appointment to take my computer to the Apple store for brain surgery :O

It is really getting a new logic board, which is basically the equivalent to brain surgery. Mostly it will fix the problem with my dead ethernet port, but it’s free because of my warranty that expires in 60 days. Gotta get the big ticket items out of the way now!

Allen went with me on a brave shopping trip after we dropped of my computer. We went to World Market, Target and Whole Foods in search of dishes and other more photogenic food items for school. I got some serious loot:

shopping1I got four of these little white plates at World Market. We have them at home and they are my favorite plates. I think they’re the perfect size for my dorm meals!

white platesThey were only $2.99 a piece.

I also got these cute glass bowls at World Market. They are microwave safe, of course.

glass bowlsI think these were $1.99 each.

And I got a new tin for my tea to keep it fresh:

tea tinFinally, I got these cute placemats! I opted for white plates/glass bowls because I can mix and match the colors with the placemats.

placematsAt Target, I got these cute plastic plates and some white bowls:

colorful plates


white bowlsThe plates were on clearance for $1.74 each and the bowls were $1.25. A great find!

But the best find of all was this wallet at Target. It was marked at $12.99 but it was in the clearance section. I grabbed it anyways because I need a new wallet (mine is falling apart) and I liked it a lot. Much to my surprise it rung up at $3.88!

walletSuch a good deal.

After World Market and Target, we hit up Whole Foods hoping to get some lunch, but it was CRAZY busy and I felt kind of overwhelmed, so I grabbed some kombucha to take back to Columbia and made my way out of the store.

I originally wanted to eat oatmeal for breakfast and bagels for lunch, so I ended up flip-flopping my plan. Oatmeal for lunch!

lunch1I made regular stovetop oats with banana and chia seeds, plus cinnamon and vanilla to make it more french-toasty. Plus an egg stirred in!

Topped with raspberry jam and vanilla almond butter.

oatsServed with Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride:



After lunch, we watched some football and West Wing. I’m just trying to enjoy my last few days at home with my family. It’s always hard to go back to school after being home for so long!

Dinner was a super easy throw-together meal.



burgerFrozen veggie burger with swiss cheese, ketchup and Miracle Whip on a toasted bun.


greenbeansAnd green beans! These have been a favorite find of mine this break: just sautéed/steamed in a pot with a little bit of water. When the water evaporates, the beans are done! I finish them with a pat of butter and some salt. Perfect and simple.

Water to hydrate:



dadDad was really interested in my meal. He was going to eat McDonald’s with Allen and Ryan, but when he saw my dinner he said “I’d eat that. I’d eat that right now.”

So I gave it to him. Why not? It only took me 10 minutes to throw together, so I threw together another one for myself. Healthy, tasty and fast. Seems like the perfect meal!

Full disclosure: I ate some french fries with my dinner. Can’t be perfect all the time!

Tonight I’m going to relax, watch the Golden Globes and drink some kombucha. Sounds like a good night!



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