Post-race Zen

After my race this morning, time seemed to crawl by in the best way possible. This is why I love early mornings…the entire day is yours.

Allen and I got plenty of West Wing in this morning and eventually I got hungry for lunch. All I could think of is a hot ham and cheese sandwich.

hamWe went to Penn Station and I got ham and swiss with lettuce, tomato and mayo. So good!

water1Plenty of water drinking after my race.

The afternoon strolled on by and we watched some tv and I took a short nap. We also went to the grocery store to get some things for the next few days.

Snack time:

snackSmoked gouda, grapes that are almost past their prime and some Kashi honey sesame crackers I bought at the store. They were just ok.

We are watching this exciting Denver-Ravens game tonight! I threw together this delicious dinner:

dinner1Breaded baked tofu, steak seasoning-style

tofuRoasted ‘taters

tatersKetchup+A1 dipping sauce

sauceAnd a clementine because salad just doesn’t sound good.

clemsMore water!




Tonight will be more relaxing and hanging out. I’ve only got a few more days of break left before I have to head back to Columbia for Res Life training. Gotta get in what I can!


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