Couch Potato

That’s what I was today. I spent my entire day on the couch, reading and lazing about.

I was up around 8:30 and sat around a bit before throwing my breakfast together:

breakfast2I had some more eggs and swiss, plus this neat little combo:


toastThis toast was pretty creative: coconut butter and blackberry jam. Yum!

clemsAnd a clementine.

Brewed another cup of tea today. Vanilla currant blend:





After breakfast, I spent some time surfing the Internet and reading Gone Girl, which is picking up a little bit. Time crawled by but it wasn’t all bad. It was nice to sit with the TV off in a quiet house. I was enjoying it quite a bit.

I took a shower and put on yoga pants. I read my book curled up on the couch with some strawberry lemonade. I had no plans and no obligations.

I threw together a longer lunch because I could.

tofuBaked tofu, coated with bran flakes with steak seasoning. A new and exciting flavor!

lunch1I also roasted some potatoes, also coated with steak seasoning and olive oil.



sauceServed with a dipping sauce of ketchup and A1.

spinachSpinach on the side with some Goddess dressing.

lunch2Such a good meal!

After lunch I read a little bit more and threw together this snack:

yogurtPlain yogurt, cocoa powder and sugar, inspired by a suggestion from Megan. SO GOOD. I loved the tang from the yogurt paired with the sweetness. I crumbled some chocolate chip meringue cookies on top for some interesting texture.

then Allen came over in the late afternoon. We watched some Jeopardy! and some more West Wing. My stomach started feeling funny, so I decided to try and remedy it with some food.

First step: ginger ale.

aleI bought this at the grocery store and it turned out to be the best bottle ginger ale I’ve ever had. Really tasted like ginger. Loved it!

Then I popped some rice into the rice cooker. This summer, I got really into Japanese food (as my family can tell you) so I kind of got turned onto the idea of rice as a comfort food. I tend to choose it when my stomach hurts. So I threw this together:

dinner1White rice, little sweet pickles, Trader Joe’s smoked trout (mostly for protein) and an umeboshi plum. I know it probably looks crazy, but it really made me feel better! Pickles can really make an upset stomach better.

Tonight Nashville comes back, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve got some plans for tomorrow, so I’ll be out of the house again.


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