A Hike to Remember

I got out of the house today and into the woods today for a wonderful hike! It was a little scary at times but a great time.

Rewind to breakfast:

breakfast2I was up before 7 because of an early dentist appointment, so I got right to breakfast so I could have some time to enjoy it with the Today Show.

Eggs with swiss:

eggsToast with blackberry jam. May make another appearance soon.

toastAnd a clementine:

clemServed with coffee.



After breakfast and some decent Today Show segments (the women from Girls were on!) I got ready for the dentist and my hike.

In case you were wondering, I didn’t have any cavities. And I need to floss more.

Accompanying me on the hike today was my friend Megan. We had a great time chatting and hiking at the beautiful Castlewood State Park. This is one of my favorite parks in St. Louis, so I was eager to walk around.

We started off on the scenic river trail, which took us along the Meramec River.

river1We stopped along the way to snap some photos by the river.

river2The weather was fabulous! In the 50s with blue skies and the sun shining.

sunlightIt was so pretty along the water.

meganMegan used her awesome new hiking backpack today to hold our lunches, which was really nice.

meI used my new camera bag, which was comfortable along the long trail. Good purchase!

The trail got pretty muddy at the lower part of the river. The snow and ice from a few weeks ago had all melted and made for a squishy situation.

mudThe best views of the trail required us to go UP.

stairsA lot of stairs, but worth it for this view:


river3We decided to eat lunch at what ended up being the best spot on the trail.

cliffWe packed a nice spread:

sandwichHam and swiss.



almondsTamari-roasted almonds

viewThis was my view for lunch. Gorgeous.

After lunch we went on our way along the trail, and this is when things got interesting. We came to a fork in the trail: continue along the current route, which we determined was almost over, or hop onto a new trail, the “Lone Wolf Trail” and keep our hike going.

Like lone wolves ourselves, off we went onto this new trail.

The part of the trail that we connected to looked fine, likely because it was in a sunny part of the park. As we went further along the Lone Wolf Trail, it became more shady, and suddenly, we were met with this:

ice1It was like we were in a totally new climate! The trail was covered in ice and there was very little traction. Things got really scary, mostly because of this:

hillThis hill was insanely steep and dropped off right after the trail.

ice2It took us a while to get down from this trail. We tried a lot of things: sliding on our butts, walking like crabs on our hands, side-stepping, etc. It was a slow descent on the side of the hill.

Eventually we did make it down the hill to solid and flat ground. Megan fell once and hurt her leg, but she was able to walk alright so we kept going with our hike.

snowSnow was better than ice, that’s for sure!

All in all, we hiked a little over four miles in about two hours. Not bad considering how slowly things were going on that icy patch!

After our hike, I headed home for a much-needed shower. Then I made myself a little snack:

snackTurkey, macaroon and meringue cookies.

grapesAnd grapes shared with Allen.

I also made some tea! I ordered two new flavors from Adagio:

tea1One of my favorite things about Adagio is that they offer sample sizes on all of their teas. These samples were only $2 a piece plus $3.75 in shipping.

I tried to recreate the flavor of my favorite tea from the London Tea Room, the “Naughty Vicar” and I think I did a pretty good job! It really tasted like the real thing, but much cheaper.

tea2Such a perfect afternoon snack.

We watched some West Wing and Jeopardy! (I got the final Jeopardy right!) and then I threw dinner together.

squash2Spaghetti squash is pretty cool, in case you were wondering. Just roasted at 425 for 30 minutes and took a fork to it and got THIS:

squash1So I knew it was perfect for this dish:

pasta1Whole wheat linguine

pasta2Spaghetti squash

pasta3Jarred pasta sauce

dinnerAnd rotisserie chicken! So simple.

The only bad part about this meal was the sauce. It really had an acidic flavor and did not pair well with the sweet squash. Next time I will choose a better sauce!

Tonight there may be some more snacking…pasta never fills me up enough. And Parenthood! Can’t wait.


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