The Mondays

I’m getting to the end of winter break…a little over a week left. I’m getting a bit antsy. The rest of the world has returned to it’s routine and as much as I love sitting around watching TV all day (I seriously do…) I think I’m going to be ready to get back.

Last night Allen and I stayed up late watching West Wing. We just started season 6 and some seriously sad stuff happened at the beginning and I was bawling. I don’t think I’ve cried more during any TV show or movie in my life. So we had to watch a few extra episodes.

So naturally I slept in a little later than planned this morning. I wasn’t up until about 8:30 even though Allen and I had plans at 10. Things didn’t get moving quite as quickly as I would’ve hoped.

Breakfast was a compilation:

breakfast2Eggs are the flavor of the week:

eggsAnd peanut butter toast with honey, the flavor of first semester:

toastAnd a clementine, the flavor of winter break:

clemCoffee, the flavor of breakfast:



breakfast1After breakfast was grocery shopping! I always volunteer to do the grocery shopping when I’m home because I can get what I want. I dragged Allen along.

After grocery shopping, I got up and out for a three mile run. I’m winding down to race day this Saturday, so I’m running faster but shorter this week.

I did three miles at 8:46 pace, which for the hilly neighborhoods by my house is really good! I was feeling it but I also felt strong. Can’t wait for race day!

After my run, I stretched and then whipped up leftovers for lunch.

lunch2Ham and beans again!

beansTopped with green beans.

relishAnd a nice heaping spoonful of relish mixed in. It makes the whole dish better.

lunch1I also tried a new lemonade I bought at the grocery store!

lemonadeIt was on sale, and not bad!

limesThis one was actually limeade.

After lunch, I cleaned up and watched more West Wing. Things are getting happier which is good for me.

I snacked on some of our grocery store finds:


cookiesAnd cookies. Coconut macaroons and chocolate chip meringue cookies. Allen and I shared this plate.

Dinner was kind of a disappointment. It all tasted great but it turned out to be not what I had an appetite for. Not sure why because I usually love all of these things!

dinner2Baked tofu

tofuWith ketchup-sriracha sauce

sauceServed with brown rice

riceAnd coconut garlic green beans!

greenFrozen green beans “steamed” in a pot with water and garlic until the water evaporated. Then I melted some coconut butter into it. These were really tasty!

dinner1Served with some Earl Grey Green tea. Even looks good to me now, but when I was eating it I was not into it.

I’m getting hungry again, so I’ll probably try to pull together some kind of snack. Watching the BCS Championship and am not very impressed, so hoping there is a collective decision to give up this mess of a game and watch more West Wing!



2 thoughts on “The Mondays

  1. Miam, miam, ham and beans 🙂 That sounds mighty tasty, as does the green-beans with coconut butter dish. Excellent idea. Plus, you have the most darling little (bone china?) musical-notes mug I’ve seen in ages 🙂

    You STILL have another week of break!?!? Grrr! We had only been back for two days before this morning’s first-hour class, when I told a student (who was thinking he might need to switch to a different teacher), “Well, if it were early in the semester, it might be okay, but at THIS point, you’d really be lost.” (About an hour later, I said to myself, “Duuh??”)

  2. I actually bought that mug at the gift shop of the Kennedy Center in D.C. My mom and I saw a show there years ago and bought that mug.

    And yes, still over a week left! I’m going to soak it all in because once the semester gets started I’ll be begging for break.

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