Rushin’ By

Today has moved pretty quickly…I can’t believe it’s already nighttime! I had a lot planned for today and it’s been pretty great. A few disappointments but overall great.

I was up early to try and get back into my routine. I took a shower first-thing and then came downstairs to make breakfast.


eggsEggs again! I’m really into them right now.

breadAnother slice of my pear-ginger bread. I cut of a rather thick slice and only ended up eating half of it.

clemsAnd of course a clementine.

coffeeCoffee to drink.

breakfast2Breakfast was enjoyed with some Meet the Press and web surfing. Then I got dressed and read a bit more of Gone Girl before Allen came over.

We had plans to pick up bagels for lunch (our Sunday tradition back in Columbia) before the Colts game!

me1I wore my new jersey today.

jerseyUnfortunately it didn’t help bring home a win. But I’m happy with how the season turned out and hopeful and excited for next year!

Lunch was a bagel and lox! My favorite.

lunch1Seriously can’t get enough of smoked salmon.


saladSalad on the side, dressed with olive oil, lemon and agave.

izzeIzze to drink!

lunch2Quite a delicious lunch! And filling too. I wasn’t really hungry all day.

I’m getting out of the holidays habit of constant food, and it’s hard. I know I’m not hungry between lunch and dinner but I’m so used to having something to munch on.

So I made some tea:

mugSugar Cookie Sleigh Ride

And had a piece of chocolate:

barkWhich pretty much did the trick. After the game was over, I was a sad, and watched a little bit of HGTV to cheer myself up.

Then Allen and I watched the season 5 finale of The West Wing. I am SO not happy with the ending! Can’t wait to start season 6.

Dinner was cooking all day: ham and beans! This was a delicious meal.

hamMy dad made a big pot along with some cornbread:

cornbreadCooked in a cast iron skillet

skilletI topped my cornbread with some honey so it was sweet.

honeyI added some sautéed green beans to my bowl for dinner.

dinner2I just used frozen Trader Joe’s French green beans and they were perfect!





dinner1Quite the delicious meal!

Now Allen and I are heading over to my grandma’s house to watch the new episode of Once Upon a Time with her! We might play some games afterward. Should be a good night.


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