Resolved: It’s 2013

It’s 2013 and for the first time in my life, I have some actual resolutions. I’m not one for drastically changing myself because I’d like to think I’m never so unhappy at any one time that I need to make sweeping changes.

But there are some things I think I can do better in 2013 (specifically this upcoming spring semester) so I’m going to record them here. If anything, it will be a point of reference so I can check up on myself.

So before I bore you to tears, here’s my list of resolutions:

  1. Be more present. I spent most of the fall semester waiting for things to be over. I was not my happiest, and felt like I was not fully present at anything: my time at The Maneater, my classes, my classwork and even my relationships. I want to work on focusing myself and doing whatever is most important to me most of the time. These things include my blog, academics and my Residential Life job.
  2. Keep up healthy habits. This isn’t something I’m “resolving” to do as much as it’s something I’d like to continue. I am at a point where eating well and exercising are sort of second nature, and I love it. I hope to continue to these habits as the spring semester begins.
  3. Pay attention to my mental and emotional health. Stress management is something I struggled with this past semester, and I want to do a better job. I’ve minimized my stressors for this upcoming semester as part of “being more present” so I think this will come more naturally to me, but I also want to do a better job identifying stressors and coming up with coping mechanisms instead of just waiting for them to pass.

I guess those are the only things I have right now. Maybe if I come up with some more resolutions I’ll post them. If that comes in March, so be it. Resolution in November 2013? Sounds great. We’ll see what happens.

Happy New Year!


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