Dancing Through Life

It’s been a pretty busy day, and I’m ready for some downtime…but first I’ll give you the rundown of what I did!

I was up around 8 a.m. because I had a brunch and musical date with my mom, Allen and my grandma. It was a Christmas gift from my mom to the rest of us: tickets to Wicked. I’ve seen the show twice before but I must say it never gets old.

breakfast1Breakfast was small since we were going out for brunch at 11. I had cinnamon Puffins with milk.

cerealPlus a clem:

clemAnd some hazelnut coffee:


breakfast2I watched Meet the Press with breakfast and then spent a very long time getting ready. It was one of those days when nothing looks right in the mirror…it doesn’t happen to me very often but when it does I get very frustrated!

allen1Allen did some reading while he waited patiently for me to get ready.

After I completely changed my outfit, it was time to go pick up my grandma and head to brunch! We went to one of my all-time favorite breakfast spots:

coffee2The City Coffeehouse and Creperie in Clayton. This place is fantastic. The crepes are unbelievable and there is something for everyone.

There are so many choices:

menuI ended up getting the “Brittany,” an old favorite.



crepeMy crepe was filled with ham, spinach, asparagus and plenty of havarti cheese. Topped with hollandaise!

momSnapped a photo of mom and grandma while we waited.

stlGrandma got the “St. Louis” crepe which had chicken and spinach and artichokes.

pbjAllen got the “PBJ+B” which had peanut butter, strawberry jam and bananas.

But my mom’s crepe was the prettiest of all:

brieShe got the “Provence” which was filled with brie and walnuts and topped with strawberries and grapes.

I had some “southern pecan” coffee because you have to have coffee with your crepe. I didn’t drink too much though and I didn’t get jittery.

allen2Ready for Wicked!

The show was great. We had a particularly good Elphaba, which is the most important part to me. The thing I always forget about Wicked is that all of my favorite songs are in the first act.

During the show, the Colts were playing an awesome game of football! Chuck Pagano was back AND we beat the Texans. Playoffs start next week and I can’t wait.

After the show, we headed back home and suddenly the house was hoping. My cousin Darcey and her family are in town, so everyone is here hanging out. I spent my afternoon and evening watching football.

I had a popcorn snack:

popcornToday I tried maple and sea salt, which was pretty good! A lot of the flavor got stuck on the bag, which was disappointing, but when you got a handful with flavor it was delicious. Like a fancy kettle corn.

Dinner was Dominos and was not so good. I ate one and a half slices before giving up and moving on to cereal:

dinnerBran flakes and cinnamon Life mix with milk and another clementine.

Tonight I am cheering for the Cowboys with my dad and trying to relax even with a full house. Tomorrow Allen and I are going shopping! I’ve got some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I also have a long run planned…six miles…might be cold!




2 thoughts on “Dancing Through Life

  1. Happy almost New Year (I mean, “Bonne Année!”). I must go to City Crêperie — several people have told me about it. I went to the Crêpe place downtown, and was a little disappointed.
    You, by the way, look as beautiful and super smart as ever! (Yup, a person CAN look super smart 🙂

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