Quiet Time

Today was a relaxing day. I spent a lot of time reading and a little time napping. I’m heading home tomorrow and I’m pretty excited.

Breakfast was basically the same as yesterday:

breakfastPeanut butter banana toast and a clementine. I like to stick with what works, especially since I’m in a foreign kitchen.





teaEarl Grey Green in my new Teavana mug! It has a steeping basket and keeps things pretty warm.

breakfast2After breakfast I lounged around a bit and then took a shower. I chatted with my parents on the phone a bit and played a few rounds of Yahtzee with Allen. I was kicking his butt when it was time to leave for lunch.

We ate lunch at a place called Big Boy. It was my first time and it was not particularly exciting. I had a turkey burger that was “eh” and an iceberg lettuce salad and some sweet potato fries. I had some coconut cream pie for dessert that was pretty tasty except for the “Cool Whip” topping.

After lunch we went back to Allen’s grandparent’s house to hang out. I spent a very long afternoon on the couch reading “Perks of Being a Wallflower” which I am LOVING but am also becoming extremely emotionally attached to. The book appeals to my introverted side.

While we waited for dinner, I snacked on some colby-jack cheese.


Dinner was chili and some salad for me! I requested vegetables for dinner but I guess I was the only one who wanted any. That was ok because I made my usual spinach salad:

spinachDressed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and some blossom honey I found in the pantry that had a really unique flavor. Yum! Greens!

chiliChili! With lots of beans, which is the best way to have chili. Personally I’d eat veggie chili any day but this one had meat in it.

cornbreadAnd of course you need cornbread to go with your chili. I crumbled some into mine.

After dinner we watched Jeopardy! because it doesn’t come on until 7:30 here which is pretty awesome. Tonight we are back at Allen’s aunts house and packing up to get ready to leave in the morning. Heading home after one more sleep!


3 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. The photos you’ve used make this food look REALLY good! I appreciate seeing some healthy foods–too many rich foods over Christmas, I think!
    Best wishes!

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