Cookie Day

Today was a LONG day. Seriously. I’m not sure how I am still awake. Let’s start waaaay back at 7 a.m.

I was up early this morning because it was Cookie Day! For the last few years I’ve made a WHOLE BUNCH of cookies at Christmastime, and Allen often helps me. This year we decided today was going to be Cookie Day.

Everyone in my house is pretty much sick, so when I crawled out of bed at 7 a.m. I spent some time with my dad, who had been up for two hours because he couldn’t sleep with his cold. Since it was sick day, we decided donuts were in order.

donutsQuite the selection, but there was only one donut for me.

breakfast1Cake donut with maple glaze, plus clementines.



coffeeCoffee! Golden French Toast to go with my donut.

breakfast2After breakfast, Allen and I got started on the COOKIE MARATHON. We were baking for most of the day, it felt like. In the morning we tackled two cookies.

pbcookies3Peanut Butter Munchies



gingerbread1Gingerbread Cookies



snowmanBoth of these cookies were really easy and we were done with them by 12:30, plus the dough for the other two cookies we had planned. By that time I was in need of a break, so we stopped for lunch and some football.

Around 2, I went for a run. I needed to run 5 miles, but I took it easy because I’ve been sick. I felt pretty good during my run, except for my runny nose! It’s been basically rubbed raw because I’ve been blowing my nose so much, and my run didn’t help. Every time I tried to rub my nose with my sleeve it hurt so much!

I ended up running 4.25 miles at about 10-minute miles. Not so mad for a sick run!

After my run, I stretched and took a quick shower before getting back to the cookies. It was really hard to get through these last two recipes because I was so tired. I am SO glad we are done.

cheesecake1Apricot Cheesecake Pockets: We made these last year and I LOVED them. This year we changed things up a bit.

apricotThe traditional apricot.

raspberryAnd made some raspberry! I haven’t tried one yet but I bet they’re good.


hotchocolate1The Hot Cocoa Cookie

We made a triple batch of these, and I SWEAR we were making cookies forever. I rolled probably 100 dough balls.

hotchocolate2We made these last year as well, and everyone who ate our creations said they were the best. Allen’s family fought over them. Seriously. We had to make more this time.

hotchocolate3If it seems like they go on forever, it’s because they do.

Now that the cookie extravaganza is over, I will be camping out on the couch watching the Next Iron Chef finale with the family. I am rooting for Alex Guarnaschelli!

Two sleeps ’til Christmas!


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