Cold City

I woke up this morning with the worst feeling in the world: a stuffy nose! I have a cold, and I am battling hard. I will NOT be sick on Christmas.

So I spent my day on the couch in full recovery mode. It’s an off-day on my running schedule so it was a decent day to be sick I guess. Although I’m not opposed to running with a cold because it usually helps clear things up.

Breakfast was a smoothie in a bowl:

smoothie1Oats, milk, yogurt, banana and frozen mixed berries in the blender.

smoothie2So much better in a bowl.



My morning was spent on the couch feeling pretty darn miserable. Stuffy nose paired with some pretty nasty sinus pressure made for a not-so-great morning. I took a nap around 10:30 because I didn’t know what else to do.

Luckily Allen came to the rescue with some sick supplies! Gatorade, chicken broth and tea. I had a mug of the Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Complete Care tea because I was pretty desperate. It really did make me feel better. I don’t know what it was but I felt like the tea was working in my chest and my nose long after I took a sip. I definitely think the eucalyptus helped.

After some tea, I had some lunch. I wasn’t too hungry, but I threw this together:



potatoBaked sweet potato with salt and butter.

qunioaQuinoa cooked in the rice cooker topped with butter and parmesan cheese.

brothChicken broth in a mug to sip.

lunch1It was a pretty good sick lunch.

After lunch, I spent some more quality couch time and then had a snack. These photos are courtesy of Allen the snack-maker:

gatoradeHalf-strength Gatorade.

snackA slice of peanut butter toast and a clementine.

Dinner was at California Pizza Kitchen. I had some chicken potstickers and a really yummy roasted peach salad. Should’ve ordered the dressing on the side because it was over-dressed, but other than that it was really good.

Had one of these for dessert:

caramelsOne of the best days of the year is my mom’s last day of classes for first semester. She always brings home the best candies from her students and other teachers. This caramel was decadent.

I am going to force myself to drink some more of the echinacea tea and maybe some more Gatorade before bed. Tomorrow is a Christmas shopping trip with mom!


2 thoughts on “Cold City

  1. I, too, brought home a gift from my students and fellow teachers: a cold like yours 🙂 (and, I just learned that in Spanish, when you have a stuffy nose, you say that you are “constipado/a” heh hehe 🙂
    I use Afrin and Mucinex DM for a couple of days at the beginning of a cold, and, while helping control the symptoms, I believe it also shortens the duration of your cold– because you don’t have so much mulitiplying and building of yucky stuff.

    I hope you feel better soon! Joyeux Noël to you and your family, ma chère Elise!

    • I’ve been taking a nasal decongestant and Mucinex at regular intervals for two days. I’m not feeling too stuffed up, but now I’m just really sapped of energy. This is not ok because I have plans for the next two days!

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