Blustery Day

Today’s weather has been crazy! So windy and a bit of snow.

I was up too early because of howling winds that woke me up. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I just got up.

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl:



breakfast2Cinnamon Life, bran flakes, banana (you can see it if you try hard!), chia seeds all on top of Greek yogurt.


breakfast3Pretty good and filling breakfast!

I spent my morning on the couch being amazed by the wind outside and battling the satellite television that kept going in and out. I had plans to run with Hannah at 10:30 this morning but I was getting scared of the crazy winds outside.

I texted Hannah asking whether or not we should run today. She offered doing a strength workout at her house, but that scared me more than running outside! Plus I’d have to put off my run until tomorrow and it’s supposed to be even colder.

So I got off the couch and got ready to run, layers and all.

hannahHannah likes the animals and always has to say hello.

catThe cat was too cool to say hi.

And then we were off! We went to the park and ran the 3.7-mile lake loop. This run was CRAZY! It was so windy that I could barely talk during the first ten minutes. Every time I would speak, the wind would take the words right out of my mouth.

Luckily the first ten minutes was the worst part of the run, because we were running against the wind with no protection from trees. The rest of the loop was much better, and I was glad we were some of the only people crazy enough to brave the park today!

We drove back home for stretching and lunch! Hannah wanted to make something called “gado-gado,” which is basically a peanut sauce that she learned about while camping. It’s actually an Indonesian dish and it was really good!

booksWe started by pressing a block of tofu under some cookbooks. Thanks for the help, Julia.

pepperI chopped half a bell pepper and some garlic for the sauce.

tofu1After the tofu was pressed, I cut it into cubes and we browned it, slow and steady. It turned out beautifully! (Also notice that lovely Hannah hand modeling.)

tofu2Look at that crust! So gorgeous.

sauce1After we cooked the tofu and the red bell pepper, Hannah started building the sauce. She started with peanut butter in the pan, then added some soy sauce.

sauce2Then she added the rest of the ingredients: ginger, crushed red bell pepper, siracha, rice wine vinegar and brown sugar. As she went along, she thinned the sauce with some pasta water and some milk. There were no measurements, just a little bit of this and that, which is my favorite way to cook! While she made some magic, I cooked some spaghetti in a pot.

sauce3We added the tofu and red bell pepper into the sauce.

Then we put the spaghetti into bowls and mixed it with some sauce!

lunchIt may not be so pretty, but it’s yummy! Also I had a lack of natural light again…winter is terrible! I need to invest in some lighting so I can give you guys some better pictures.

clemsI also had a clementine and small square of dark chocolate. Such a satisfying meal!

We watched Newsies with lunch, which if you haven’t seen it, is a musical about journalism staring Christian Bale. If that’s not enough to convince you to watch it, there are some pretty catchy tunes in there!

After lunch we cleaned ourselves up and I went with Hannah to get her haircut. It ended up looking really nice. She’s trying to grow it out, but right now she’s got a cute bob.

We finished our movie and then Hannah went home and I attempted to take a nap. The wind was still crazy and I had trouble falling asleep, so eventually I got back up.

Dinner tonight was pizza from Imo’s. If you’re not from St. Louis, Imo’s pizza is a specialty. It is either loved or hated by St. Louisians, mostly because of its use of the provel cheese. I personally think it’s delicious!


pizzaBig pile-o-pizza. A mixture of pepperoni and cheese.

saladSpinach with Annie’s Papaya Poppyseed dressing.

dinner1Tonight I’m thinking there may be a clementine and gingerbread man in my future. Hoping for less wind tomorrow!




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