Lazy Day

Today was a pretty relaxed day. I got to lay around and do nothing and then go to the movies!

I was up early because they were announcing the Time Person of the Year on the Today Show and I didn’t want to miss it.

Breakfast was small because I had to run:



toastToast with peanut butter and honey.

clemsTwo clementines, because one is never enough.

coffeeLe café

breakfast1Consumed on the couch while watching Today. Unfortunately my surprise about the TIME POY was RUINED by the Internet. I saw the reveal on Twitter before it was on TV. Darn Central Time Zone delay!

Around 8:15 I got off my butt and got into some running clothes to do my workout. It was frigid this morning and pretty cloudy, so I didn’t want to run outside.

morningSo I retreated to the dreaded treadmill. I know, I know. Terrible. But I had to do speed work and was having trouble getting myself off the couch. I’ve missed two of my three speed workouts thus far and couldn’t miss another one.

I did seven 400 repeats at about 2:04, alternating about two minutes of walking/jogging in between. It was rough but I got through it. The treadmill is merciless!

My indoor workout made me very sweaty. Winter running does not lead to much sweat, so it was a bit of a surprise. This is one of the reasons I hate running in the summer. A lot of people take the winter as their “off-season,” but I’d rather run outside in the winter with lots of layers than run in the heat. Maybe I’ll start a summer off-season trend! Who’s with me?

My post-workout snack:

bananaPlus a mug of my favorite tea!




The sun came out a bit after my workout. Since I haven’t been able to give you any good food photos, here is a picture of some natural light on the kitchen table:

kitchenHooray, sunlight!

I took a quick shower and then lounged around watching morning television with Allen, who came over to hang out. We had lunch:



cheeseTurkey and brie melt again because it was such a success last time.

salad1Mixed greens.

soupReheated tomato soup in a mug from last night.

drinkJuice with some sparkling water.

lunch2Successful lunch!

After lunch we watch some more mindless television and played some games of Scattergories! Allen won the first game, and I won the second after a three-round tiebreaker.

Eventually we decided to go see a movie! We went to see Silver Linings Playbook, which I LOVED. Seriously, this is the first year I’ve ever been excited about movies with Oscar buzz, and Silver Linings Playbook did not disappoint. Everyone go see it!

Dinner was easily thrown together when we got home.

dinner2Quiche from the grocery store and a spinach salad.

quicheQuiche Lorraine: bacon, swiss cheese and onion. So delicious.

salad2Spinach salad, dressed as usual with olive oil, agave and lemon juice.



Tonight I’m going to continue the winter break trend of doing absolutely nothing! Hope you’re having a good Wednesday night.


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