Drab and Dreary

Today I was up too early. My family still has work and school and was up before 6 a.m. hustling and bustling and it woke me up. I had trouble getting back to sleep, so I got up at 7.

It was still dark at 7, and it never really got brighter! Such a drab and dreary day.

outsideSorry for the drab photos today. There was no natural light to be had today! Such a shame.

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl:

breakfast1Greek yogurt, banana, chia and a mix of bran and cinnamon Life (the REAL stuff!)

coffeeCoffee. Eggnog flava.

breakfast2After breakfast, I sat around in my pajamas for a while before getting my running clothes on. I wasn’t really in a hurry to run, but I wanted to have them on just because. Then I spent an hour freaking out about my diabetic cat because he was acting weird. He is old and I worry about him.

I think he’s ok now.

I eventually headed into the grey to go for my run. Another three miles on the books. I ran the same route I did yesterday, but this time I felt a lot better! Shaved 45 seconds off my time from yesterday. AND I did some strength work. Just some upper body and core stuff, but a little is better than none which is what I usually do.

After my workout, I was torn between showering and eating. This is the ultimate decision. I decided to shower but by the end I was STARVING.

Post-run snack:

snackPretzels and some watered-down juice that was yummy.

This basically held me over long enough to make lunch.

lunch1I had a BRILLIANT idea to melt brie over turkey and toasted bread. One of my best.

sandwichWarm, melty, cheesy goodness. Probably will make this again ASAP.

clemsClementines! Can’t get enough.

lunch2Served with a romaine salad. Great lunch.

After lunch I watched some daytime television and took a nap. Ah, winter break.

Eventually Allen came over. We had a snack.

cookieChristmas cookie!

hot chocolateAnd hot chocolate. Because it’s Christmas.

We watched some of Pirates of the Caribbean and Jeopardy. I won.

Dinner didn’t come quickly enough.

dinner2We bought some ravioli at the grocery store. One was mushroom and asiago and the other was crab and lobster. Both were just alright in my opinion.

saladMixed greens with olive oil, lemon juice, agave and salt. The perfect dressing.


dinner1Tonight I’m not doing much. I might eat some more Biscoff because I can’t seem to get enough. Have a good Monday night!


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