The Hills of Home

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m so glad to be on break. Seriously. It’s been amazing.

Today started out with a quick cereal breakfast and a little bit of coffee before heading out to the grocery store with my Dad. There was not much food here to eat so this trip HAD to be done, but I wanted to go early so I could run before football started at noon.

I got tons of awesome goodies for this week! I love grocery shopping. Once we got home, I was hungry again, so I ate a banana and drank some juice and I was out the door.

My Sunday “long run” was only three miles because I’m using Hal Higdon’s 5-mile intermediate training program and week three is a “stepback week.” I didn’t think it was going to be that bad, but then HILLS happened.

Seriously, Maryland Heights is CRAZY hilly compared to Columbia. The three-mile loop I run near campus is basically flat, but the route I did around my house today was UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN. I ran at a 9:30 pace, finishing at 28:34, which is about 2:30 slower than I would run at school.

After my run, I got hungry FAST. Luckily I had already planned out my lunch in head, and I put it together fairly quickly.

lunch1Salad! I haven’t had a really good salad in too long.

saladI chopped up some sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil and added them to the salad.

sundried tomatoesPretty baby spinach!



turkeyTurkey and swiss on whole grain. Piled high for extra protein.

clemsClementines! We bought a nice big bag of ’em at the store but I think they’ll be gone before the weekend. I love them so much!

cheeseCheese! Manchego is the world’s best cheese. Get some in your life right now.

lunch2One of the best lunches I’ve had in a long time. Home 🙂

Lunch was followed by a Biscoff snack.

biscoffYes, REAL Biscoff cookies! So yummy.

After lunch I took a quick shower and then hunkered down on the couch to watch the Colts take on the Texans. One of the great things about home: NFL Sunday Ticket. Everyone in my house cheers for a different team, so this has become a necessity.

Unfortunately the Colts didn’t win. But it’s ok, because next week they take on the Chiefs and will clinch a playoff spot!

I was emotionally drained after the game, so I needed a snack.

snackAnother clementine, crackers and some olive tapenade.

tea2And a nice big teapot full of Earl Grey Green.

teaBrewed in my favorite teapot:

teapotDinner tonight was out with the family for my grandmother’s birthday. We went to Bravo, which is usually pretty good. Our service was just ok, but I got my favorite salad, the Insalata Rustica, so mostly everything was ok. I get this salad every time I go. Seriously.

Tonight I am drinking some Candy Cane Lane and eating more Biscoff, and watching Next Iron Chef. Getting pumped!


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