There’s no place like home for the holidays…

That’s right, folks! I’ve made it home for winter break! What a great day.

Started off my morning SUPER early at 6:15 because I couldn’t sleep. I guess I was really excited about going home! I took a shower and took some of my stuff out to my car before breakfast.

packedI wish I knew how to pack light. Luckily I have a car all to myself!

breakfast1Cereal and tea for a quick and easy breakfast.

cerealHoney Nut Chex

green teaEarl Grey Green

It was good. At 8 a.m. I had to report downstairs to do some last-minute Res Life things, and then I was off! My drive took about an hour and 40 minutes with only one mild trafficky spot because of an accident. And then I was HOME!

I did a whole lot of nothing today. I made lunch in a kitchen for the first time since Thanksgiving and it was awesome.

lunch2I made a sort of “egg bake” with spinach and cherry tomatos.

baconStarted with some bacon in a pan.

spinachThen sautéed some baby spinach with garlic.

I added the cherry tomatos and cooked them down a bit.

cooked stuff


I then put the spinach, tomatos and bacon into a ramekin and cracked two eggs into it. Poked both of the yolks and topped it with some parmesen cheese before putting it into a 450 degree oven for 10 minutes.






Served with a clementine:



waterLemony water.


After lunch, I spent most of the afternoon watching my dad and brother fight with the Christmas trees. The lights weren’t working, of course, so it was an ordeal. Finally we got all of the inside decorations up!

Dinner was going to be some tomato soup, but I discovered we didn’t have an onion so that plan was quickly scratched in favor of Crazy Bowls and Wraps! I love this place. It’s healthy fast food and doesn’t get much better.

dinner1I got a Super Bowl with tofu, brown rice and steamed veggies with a garlic ginger sauce.


veggiesYummy veggies and plenty of edamame.

dinner2Served with a BIG glass of water that has since been refilled. I am thirsty tonight.

Tonight I am going to do nothing but soak in the Christmas decorations and be thankful I am home with my family safe and sound. Maybe I’ll get some dessert too. Here are some of my favorite Christmas decorations at our house:







ice skate



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